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96% of money transactions are now VIRTUAL!

July 30, 2012

What is ‘Virtual Reality’ and why is this significant when discerning money transactions?

How many investors and traders are aware that most money transactions are now ‘virtual’? Why is this significant? The vast majority of financial pundits are still espousing the view that our Central Banks are ‘printing’ money. The word ‘printing’ implies physical paper notes. But is this what is happening today? Are you aware that only 4% of money in circulation is paper or coins? The balance (now some 96% consists of virtual transactions) is executed via our high-speed computers. This transition to ‘virtual’ reality has gone mostly unnoticed by most financial pundits, economists, traders, investors, and lenders. We now need to THINK anew to understand our current virtual markets.

All our Central Banks now create their money units via digitization (the high-speed computer). The old methods of ‘printing’ paper notes is now mostly obsolete. Digital money units are now ‘created’ by typing in numbers (representing a currency) and this is done (as Ron Paul says)… ‘OUT OF THIN AIR’…or in layman’s language, ‘out of nothing’! The ‘consciousness’ of key Central Bankers and their committee’s (a form of Central Planning) now creates 96% of our money units. Who is aware of this change? Why is this significant for our future? What is ‘interconnectivity’?

The above images represent what is now our new trading machines. All this was made possible with the invention of our electronic technology which emerged mostly since 1990. Consumers now bank mostly on-line. Traders now mostly trade on-line. Investors now mostly invest on-line. Central Bankers now transact all their QE policies and similar manipulations on-line. The digital world (all virtual and stored in cyberspace) is our new economic system going forward. This means that our ‘money units’ are also now mostly virtual (digits in the computer screen). The prior historical system which utilized ‘paper notes’ and ‘metal coins’ has been replaced with VIRTUAL REALITY. Who is aware of this change? What does this mean going forward? Why are Central Planners now manipulating and controlling the entire Capitalistic economic System? Think Draghi, Bernanke, King, etc. when you think about today’s manipulated markets. Think about the Central Banks and their control over our monetary System? Reality has changed and few seem to notice!


 The new technologies now allow us to transact trades at near the speed of light. Money has become a ‘electrical charge’ that emerges as an image within our computer screen. Virtual reality has become the new system for controlling and manipulating all asset prices and values. All this is done by Central Planning at the major Central Banks on this planet. The American Central Planning Committee is called the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Similar committee’s control monetary events in Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Our entire planet is now controlled by elite Central Planners. Who is aware of this change? All this has happened in just the last 20 years. Let’s get educated about all these new changes and the implications!

 The changes that have occurred since the closing of the ‘gold window’ in 1971 have been monumental and revolutionary. These changes have been subtle and not really noticed by the vast majority of Americans. The elites in control, however, seem well aware of these changes and the implications for their NEW WORLD ORDER. The plan is to create ONE central bank and ONE planetary currency (with the elites in control of the System). This is emerging rapidly and the change is awaiting a major catastrophic economic event that allows this transition. Is this a System that will create individual FREEDOM…or SLAVERY to the elites? Think about the implications!
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