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End of an Era: Trading is now mostly ‘electronic’ (WSJ article)!

July 27, 2012

ICE Futures will close all trading pits – October 21, 2012. Digital Age now affects all markets!

Coffee, sugar, cocoa, cotton, and orange juice will now be traded via the computer screen. This transition of trading from live trading pits to the computer is now mostly complete. We now live in an electronic world. In the old days, you would hear genuine news from the floor with traders shouting and waving their hands to execute trades. Electronic platforms and electronic execution is now the standard operation replacing the human trading pit. This transition from real humans to the sterile computer screen is very significant. Computer algorithms and programmed trading via electronic platforms creates a new market of subjectivity that few understand.

The new images that we now need to internalize are computer screens, digital money, subjective executions, volatile prices, speed of light transmissions, and irrationality within the markets. The degree of irrationality and subjectivity within all markets will now escalate exponentially. Prices of key commodities, stocks, bonds, and derivative assets are now all subject to the irrational behavior of subjective markets…where the click of a mouse or the execution of a programmed algorithm can change prices in the ‘blink’ of an eye (all at near the speed of light). The emotions of traders, investors, central bank trading desks, as well as the retail traders/investors executions will make all our markets extremely volatile and unpredictable. Where will this lead us as high-speed computers become the new platforms for Capitalism?

Our trading and investing options are now global and digital. Our computer screen is where most trading and investment decisions are executed. This is very significant as our ‘money’ has also changed from a physical commodity (gold/silver) to digital units (of consciousness). This transition is subtle and unnoticed by the vast majority of financial observers. Money has now become immaterial (spiritual) with the subjective decisions of key elites (mostly the Central Bankers) as administrators of our Centralized System. Merely the WORDS of a key Central Banker can move the emotional markets and create huge stock markets gains or losses. All this happens in REALTIME as the global markets are now inter-connected electronic machines. Virtual reality has arrived for our Casino economy. Capitalism has evolved into a System where Central Planning controls the markets. Where does this lead us going forward?

What we need to understand is that Capitalism has changed dramatically! The digitization of ‘money’ and the computerization of the markets, has created an entirely new environment for trading, investing, lending, and consumer finance. Money has become ‘virtual’ or ‘imaginary’. Values have become subjective and emotional. Prices have become unstable and volatile. The economic model of yesterday (materialism) has evolved into a new economic model (the spiritual or non-material). The subjective ‘consciousness’ of key Central Planners and governmental policymakers has taken control of the decentralized markets of yesterday. We now live with a whole new ballgame!

How many Americans are AWARE of the changes which have evolved in the past few years? Our entire Capitalistic System has CHANGED dramatically and only a very few astute observers seem to notice. The System is now controlled by the elites and the masses of people are becoming ‘slaves’. Does anyone care or even NOTICE? Do we desire a new System where a few ELITES run and control the entire global economy? Those who control the ‘money’ control the policymakers who desire our votes. MONEY and COMPUTERS now control our entire global economic casino. All this has emerged gradually and subtly since the closing of the gold window in 1971. Who is AWARE?

 Will any of these issues be presented by our controlled media during the coming presidential election period? Will our media become educated and aware of what is transpiring in front of their noses? Fortunately, the worldwide web is allowing this type of information to get out to the masses. Our internet is becoming the real media for those who desire wisdom and understanding. Let’s hope that our WWW will continue to allow alternative perspectives and viewpoints. The real issues going forward are FREEDOM and the INDIVIDUAL. Enjoy!
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