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Wisdom and Understanding is now needed…going forward!

July 23, 2012

To discern monetary/economic/political events we need ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’!

Personally, I attend from 5-7 major conferences each year to stay current on economic and political events. My next conference will be in Las Vegas in September and then in Spokane in October, 2012. I have now attended so many conference events that I have lost count. I have listened to hundreds of speakers on all issues of money, economics, and politics. What I have discovered is that most of these speakers are very knowledgable in some specific niche of the markets…but FEW have ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’. I can count on my fingers and toes those with real ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’. A few examples would be Steve Forbes, Eric Sprott, Jim Rogers, and Mike Haywood. I am sure there are many others whom I am not familiar with as speakers. Why do we now need leaders with ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’?

The reason we need leaders with ‘wisdom’ is because most leaders think and act within the existing paradyme and seem to lack understanding of people and trends. If we look around our world we now witness issues like the Euro Crisis, the Middle East Crisis, the Debt Crisis, the Banking Crisis, the Unemployment Crisis, the Deficit Crisis,  the Monetary Crisis, and finally the Philosophical Crisis. We have a ‘crisis’ world and few seem to discern the BIG PICTURE. Why are we experiencing all these crises? Where is all this leading? Do we need fundamental change in our thinking and philosophy?
We are now into an election cycle where our leaders will provide us with their political philosophy and their ideas for change…but will any of the two running for our American presidency exemplify real ‘understanding’ and ‘wisdom’ when it comes to the real issues and problems facing our country and the world? Will they continue with the traditional mindset which has led us into our current malaise and confusion? Will either have the courage to tackle the unsustainable Debt Crisis, Deficit Crisis, or the Dollar Crisis? My sense is that neither of our current candidates or those in positions of authority globally will create an environment for meaningful change (that promotes the values of our founding Fathers).

Will the next President of the United States of America actually promote the core values outlined in our Declaration of Independence (life, liberty, and happiness)? Assuming Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama is our next leader, what is there core philosophy for resolving the core problems facing the United States and our World? The core issues are now mostly economic and monetary!

Will our next elected leader confront the monetary and economic issues that most Americans now view as crucial? Issues like our unsustainable Debt, trillion dollar Deficits, the issue of our ‘imaginary’ Digital dollar, and the centralized planning institution called the FED? Will the next leader create an environment where the American people and the World become educated on the real economic issues? We should find out in a few short months!


Going forward we all need to think about promoting ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’. This will require us to think ‘out of the box’ on many issues. Who is ready to get educated and think ‘out of the existing paradyme and model’ ? The current debt based Keynesian model is bankrupt. The Austrian economic philosophy is much superior but also has its limitations. Who wants to seek ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’ by going back of FIRST PRINCIPLES? I don’t think we can move forward without new wisdom and understanding. First Principles seem to be the place to START!

Here is a great website for education and for critical thinking!

A comedian who demonstrated critical thinking was George Carlin, watch this:


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