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Additional Questions for Chairman Bernanke and his Fed!

July 17, 2012

What we need to ask today are serious philosophical questions that relate to American values!

The Chairman of our Fed is probably saying and doing what his peers desire for him do say and do. My sense is that our Congress benefits from having a Central Planning institution like the Fed to funnel money into their coffers and for their schemes. Why is the Fed now the largest holder of U.S. Government Debt? This is probably why most questions to Mr. Bernanke are laced with compliments and statements of ‘give us more of the same’. In reality, the Senate and House Banking Committee’s seem tied into the Centralized Fed and to Mr. Bernanke’s view of monetary policy. There may be many, however, like Ron Paul and others who view this institution as corrupt in its form and operations (as I also do). Let’s ask Ben some additional philosophical questions:

Question #1:  Are you aware of the history of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the manner in which it was created and then organized? Are you aware that the ‘legal’ structure of your organization separates itself from any of our public governmental institutions? Why do you think that the ‘legal’ structure of the Fed shows that its ownership is really ‘private’ and not ‘public’? Our Constitution provides for Congress to be totally responsible for ‘coining of our money and regulating the value thereof’. So why is the Fed a private organization (legally)? Doesn’t this ‘legal’ arrangement create a Fed which is legally separate from the ‘laws’ of our country as outlined in the Constitution? And doesn’t this make your organization unconstitutional and ethically anathema?

Question #2:  Are you aware of a book written by G. Edward Griffin about the history of the Federal Reserve Act and the devious nature which created this Act? Do you understand why many Americans are now becoming aware of this history and are concerned about the nature and intentions of this independent private banking organization? Does the notability and the popularity of Congressman Ron Paul concern you…as he desires a complete audit of your organization (since its inception) and then a gradual phase-out of this banking cartel system? Do you realize that many patriotic American citizens are now becoming informed about the Fed and the history of the Federal Reserve Act? Many desire that this organization be abolished in the near future. Are you aware of his sentiment? Does this sentiment concern you?

Question #3:  Our founding Fathers of our country did not approve of Central Bank money creation that did not allow for some silver or gold backing. They had experienced the Continental currency and its complete collapse due to a loss in confidence by the public. This loss in confidence resulted as Americans became aware that our Treasury could not exchange any of these paper notes for the silver and gold which was supposed to back these notes. You now appear to despise any type of gold standard for our money and desire to create our money via your independent private policies…out of thin air. Do you think your operation will be any more successful than the operation of the Continental currency by our then Continental Congress? Why has our current dollar lost some 96% of its value since the establishment of the Federal Reserve System?
Question #4:  Are you aware that all your money manipulation via QE, Twist, and similar policies are creating serious distortions in the ‘prices’ and ‘values’ of goods/services in our economy and around the world? Your rhetoric continues to be that you are promoting stable prices via your policies, yet the markets are more volatile and distorted today then at any time in our economic history. Why do you believe that your Central Planning policies and quantitative manipulations of asset prices are ‘stable’ and ‘sound’? To date you and your associates have manipulated the world markets to the tune of some 16 trillion or more, according to Bloomberg News? How can this money manipulation not affect prices, values, and market confidence? Wouldn’t it be better to return to some type of gold standard where our dollar was redeemable in some item of value? As of today, you create our dollar (privately and independently) by your digital computer at the NY Federal Reserve Bank. This dollar is really ‘nothing’ (it has no substance) and you determine the quantity via mostly your private decisions. Is this sound monetary policy? Why do you desire to control the entire American monetary economy via your private decisions and FOMC policies?

 Question #5:  It appears to many of us who are watching your Fed and the World banking cartels, that some type of global collusion is occurring between banking elites and the markets. Many of us sense that the World banks are subtly conspiring to form a New World Order with one Central Bank and currency for our planet. Are you involved with this philosophy at your Fed? Are all the Central Banks (especially the Western Central banks) involved in creating this New World Order (without the full awareness of the American people)? Since your Fed is legally an independent organization separate from our public governmental structure, it appears that you and your associates can and might operate independently of the wishes of the American people (as revealed via their voting decisions). Is this possible? Why do all Central Banks now adopt polices created in Europe by the Bank of International Settlements? Isn’t all this part of a trend towards a New World Order?

Major changes are now occurring worldwide in economics, politics, science, and religion. We all need to wake-up and become aware of all these trends in motion. I sense a major economic crisis in the not too distant future. This coming event will likely set all these ideas into realtime motion. Watch and think for yourself is my advice.
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