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Values, Prices, Currencies…all are IMAGINARY today!

June 23, 2012

Wake up!  economists, financial media, traders, central bankers, politicians, libertarians, pastors, teachers, and the general public!

Our monetary non-system has evolved into an imaginary, illusionary, FANTASY! We now have a few Central Bankers on this planet controlling all market activity with their realtime manipulations, favoritisms, virtual money units, bail-out strategies, and political machinations. Is this going to lead to growth, prosperity, and a free market economy…going forward? Our world monetary system has devolved into a oligaric dictatorship where a select cartel of bankers are attempting to manipulate the entire global marketplace. Who are these select elite and what is in their collective MINDS? Let’s select a few of these policymakers from the crowd so we can visualize their character.

The above Central Bankers, Mario Draghi, Ben Bernanke, and Zhou Ziaochuan have the most influence on world markets (including values, prices, and currency exchange rates). Mr. Draghi is head of the European Central Bank, Bernanke is Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, and Ziaochuan heads up the Peoples Bank of China. Their respective currencies are the Euro, Dollar, and Yuan. These individuals along with a few others…such as those below  manipulate all the global markets daily in realtime with their decisions (called monetary policy). Their operations (twist, quantitative easing, asset buying, and interest rate manipulations) create most of the volatility in the global marketplace.
One of the most influential leaders within the Central banking community is Mervyn King who represents the Bank of England for the United Kingdom . His ideas and policies are followed by most of the others. In fact, the Bank of England has been at the center of most banking manipulations since its founding back in the 17th century (established in 1694). Our Federal Reserve System has been mostly organized from the philosophy and ideas which emerged from the British banking system. Britain may have lost the revolutionary war with our founders, but they were creative enough to maintain control of money and banking (the real factor which controls politicians and the system). Think Rothschild and David Rockefeller:
 Our Federal Reserve Act which was passed by a deluded Congress back in 1913 was modeled from the British ideas as internalized by the mind of Paul Moritz Warburg. The mindset of Paul and a few others who desired CONTROL over money in the United States of America created the legislation which resulted in the formation of our Federal Reserve Banking System. President, Woodrow Wilson. signed the Act of 1913 without really knowing what he was doing. We now live with the consequences of these earlier decisions and ideas.
What has evolved since 1913 is a global banking cartel of elite Central Bankers who now control and manipulate the entire marketplace with their centralized policy decisions. Prices and values used to be relatively stable over time when our currency units were defined and convertible into a real physical commodity (say gold or silver). Then in 1971 our then President, Richard Milhous Nixon, closed the gold window and this led to what we call ‘fiat’ currencies (paper notes and certificates). Later in the 1980’s the new technology called the computer emerged. This led to today’s electronic money units. We now have a global system of high frequency computers which create the fluctuations in our values and prices in our global marketplace. Traders buy, sell, invest, and speculate via their high frequency computers and make their bets and trades in realtime (at the speed of light via the click of a computer mouse).
This emergence since the late 1980’s has created the ‘imaginary’ money units which we now live with. Money units today are merely ‘units of consciousness’, ‘mental abstractions’, or ‘imaginary psychological creations’.  Think of ‘money’ today as IMAGINARY units of consciousness (abstract mathematical numbers) derived from the MINDS of elite Central Bankers (globally). What is their purpose and goal? Think…asset manipulation, price inflation, collateral deflation, price volatility, value destruction, corporate bail-outs, political pay-offs, accounting gimmickry, and ego/power control over the marketplace. But we can ‘spin’ all these words into positive phrases if we desire such as:  growth in aggregate GDP, lower interest rates for governments, emerging prosperity in the future, and new entitlements for the poor. The ‘spin’ can go in any direction depending on who desires to ‘spin’ words. Language is flexible and those with degrees in word ‘spin’ will do so with their words! Just watch the spin doctors in the main media outlets. There are few who seek reality or truth today…it seems!
The above globe with the main hard currency symbols (euro, dollar, yen, pound) show the nature of our ‘money’ units today. All is IMAGINARY…but all is in the CONTROL of select elites who manage the global Central Bank Computer Machines which spit out the money units as digits within the computer screen. All these numbers and digits are created by the conscious decisions of a few banking elites who CONTROL our monetary system. Is this a FREE market system? Does any of this sound like FREE market Capitalism (as envisioned by our Founders)? Why even have MONEY if we are all going to be controled by computers and a few elite Central Bankers?
Let’s conclude with an observation that demonstrates the IMAGINARY nature of today’s ‘values’, ‘prices’, and ‘currencies’. Think: the recent changes in the price of OIL. Have you noticed that the ‘price’ of oil has fluctuated from a recent number of $147/barrel to $38/barrel to $124/barrel to the current price of $85/barrel. Why all this volatility in the ‘price’ of a commodity such as OIL? The barrel of oil is constant from container to container…yet the PRICE changes daily. Why would we experience such extreme  fluctuations in ‘price’? This never happened when our currency was tied to GOLD. Why all this change in ‘values’ and ‘prices’? And this goes for many other items that we trade in the marketplace as well. Think:  residential house prices. Think: price of a one ounce silver coin. Think: price of a one ounce gold coin. Think: price of a cup of coffee.
What we need to recognize and become aware of is the nature of our MONEY UNITS! What is our ‘dollar’ today? What is a ‘pound’ today? Are these merely NAMES and SYMBOLS? Isn’t our money unit today merely an ‘abstract’ number? Are not ‘names’, ‘numbers’, and ‘symbols’ derived from our CONSCIOUSNESS. What does this make them? I would suggest that our MONEY today is really NOTHING (no thing). It’s all IMAGINARY and subjective today! Money has evolved from the MATERIAL world to the SPIRITUAL world and few have noticed! Where is this all leading going forward? THINK: tribulation, change, and revolution!
A time for hope and change is emerging: What we now need is a discussion on the nature of MONEY and VALUE. Why has ‘money’ always been a physical item throughout recorded history? Why did our founding Father of money, Thomas Jefferson, DEFINE our money unit (the dollar) as grains of pure silver (and indirectly gold)? Is there a difference between a material item for money (say silver or gold) and an imaginary unit of consciousness (say a name, symbol, or number)? Think: what should be the nature of MONEY??? Think:  new money or NONE! Enjoy!
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