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My Favorite Songs of Freedom!

June 11, 2012

Take the time to listen to the below videos (with music) and see if you agree on the message:  (The Battle Hymn of the Republic)  (Elvis – How Great Thou Art)   (Ray Charles)
Songs send a message that most everyone identifies with. Enjoy!

1. The Battle Hymn of the Republic:  key concept is ‘truth’. Truth keeps marching on demonstrating that ‘truth’ is progressive and key to our future.

2. How Great Thou Art:  key concept is ‘God’. God or the Creator rules in the affairs of man (male/female). Ultimately man is ‘at effect’ not ‘at cause’.

3. America the Beautiful: key concept is ‘freedom’ as espoused in the Declaration of Independence. This song needs to be universalized now to include everyone on our planet. Our founding Fathers did envision individual freedom for everyone on the planet.

4. My Way:  key concept is the ‘individual’. America was founded (in contradiction to all other Nations) on the premise that the ‘individual’ comes before the ‘group’ or the ‘state’. Current trends which are leading to the elite running our planet is NOT the philosophy of me or our founding Fathers.

5. This Land is My Land and this Land is Your Land: key concept is collective ‘ownership’. Everyone owns the land and resources in America (not the State or those who manipulate the System via Laws, Rules, and Regulations). This song now needs to be universalized to include everyone on our planet. Everyone owns the planet (collectively) not the elite who want to manipulate and control the individual.

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