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All World Currencies are now mostly Units of Consciousness!

May 26, 2012

Money is transitioning from the material world to the non-material world! Why?

The history of money has been a history which relates to materialism. Capitalism is based on the philosophy of materialism. Money and currencies have historically been material objects. Here are a few examples of material objects as money:

As time progressed money evolved into mostly paper notes with numbers imprinted thereon. Generally, holders of these notes had the option of converting these notes into metal (usually silver or gold) if they desired. Today the total circulation of printed notes represents only about 4% of the total of all money transactions. This image is what we often think of when we imagine paper money:

The next major step in the history of money and currencies was the digitization of money which occurred in the late 1980’s and has now involved the entire world financial system. Practically all world currencies are now digital units which we witness as numbers in our computer screen. This image represents some 96% of all money transactions today:
The digitization of money and currency creates money flows which travel globally at the speed of light. Some 4 trillion of foreign currencies are now traded daily in the forex markets. And most of our traders and investors now make their buy and sell decisions via the computer. Practically all money units are now stored in cyberspace rather than bank vaults as in the past. Consumers now represent some 70% of all spending decisions and most spending is now done via credit cards. Plastic cards with magnetic strips now are activated via electronic machines which transfer money units from buyer to seller, from customer to store owner, from debtor to creditor. We all recognize this image as potential money for our financial decisions:
The above evolution of money from some thing material to our current digital money units which are virtual in nature, represents a change that is not noticed by most people who use money and currency. The use of money has changed from a representation of economic value (silver and gold coins) to our current use of money as a tool for obtaining goods and services with non-material numbers and names. If we look at nature we can not find ‘money’ anywhere as a natural item. Money is invented to serve as a ‘tool’ for commerce. The most pernicious use of money today, however, is as a ‘tool’ for manipulating prices in the marketplace and for maintaining the accounting books of the TBTF financial institutions. Central bankers can now create money units from their consciousness to manipulate the global markets. We witness this with all the QE policies. We witness this with price manipulation of key commodities. We witness this with algorithmic trading where mathematical formulae are used as programs for buying and selling stocks and financial instruments. We witness this on a personal level when we use our credit cards to charge purchases when we have no ability to repay these charges when due. Money has evolved into a non-material ‘name’ and ‘number’ (dollar, euro, pound, yen, real, krona, peso, etc.) which has no existence in spacetime. A good image of money as a ‘unit of consciousness’ might be this:
What has happened over our history is that our money has evolved from some thing material to a non-thing which we call a ‘unit of consciousness’. A good thought experiment is to ask yourself: what is the ‘dollar’ (in reality)? If you look all around you and at nature (our physical universe), I don’t think you will discover any ‘thing’ which represents the word ‘dollar’. This name, ‘dollar’ originally was chosen by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton as our official currency ‘name’. This name, ‘dollar’ was then defined as 371.25 grains of pure silver. The ‘name’ which we used for our basic currency unit (dollar) was given substance and a sense of having material ‘value’.
Today, the ‘name’ we use for our basic currency unit is still the name ‘dollar’, but the ‘name’ has no definition or substance. What is a ‘name’ with no attachment to physical reality? I would suggest that a ‘name’ with no attachment to some thing ‘outside’ ones thinking is really a ‘unit of consciousness’. All world currencies today are really nothing more than ‘units of consciousness’ which then ‘appear’ as numbers within our computer screens. Some 96% of all financial transactions are now being done with imaginary currencies (units of consciousness) that derive from our minds. Mental abstractions have become our money for 2012 and for our immediate future.
Few people seem to be aware of the nature of our money units. To really understand money one must think with a ‘dualistic’ mindset. Dualism is a philosophy which separates the material reality (that which is outside one’s mind) from one’s inner mind or consciousness. A good test of your understanding of ‘dualism’ is to observe all the products in a grocery store. Notice that the products (say a pound of butter or a bottle of soda) are material items. The ‘price’ of each item, however, is a ‘number’ placed on the item by a manager (a human consciousness). The item is material and the price is non-material. Prices change daily and if one trades stocks or commodities, prices change in milliseconds. All these changes are derived from human beings using currencies which are ‘units of consciousness’. A good image for ‘dualism’ might be:
 The Cat above that is being observed could represent our ‘dollar’ when it was defined as a thing outside one’s mind. the ‘image’ of the cat in the observer’s mind could represent our ‘dollar’ today (it’s merely a mental abstraction). Since the nature of money has changed over the recent years, we now need to THINK differently about money. We also need to recognize that money units today are really imaginary units in one’s MIND. If you desire to store your savings and wealth in a non-material money unit, then you need to buy physical silver coins or physical gold coins. You could also use all the imaginary ‘funny’ money that we use today to purchase whatever physical assets that you desire to possess. The ‘money’ today is subjective and will vanish into ‘thin air’ at some future point. But a silver or gold coins will remain on this planet. That is my message for today.
The type of money system that is now evolving on this planet is likely to lead to a ‘cashless’ system (in coming years) where high-speed computers and digits in our computer screens serve as our money. This type of system is perfect for controlling society and controlling the purchase of goods and services by an elite few. For those of us who do not like this evolution, we need to get out of it by ridding ourselves of digital (imaginary) ‘funny’ money and purchasing physical silver and gold coins. This should help to crash this system if sufficient investors, traders, and consumers pursue this strategy. Enjoy!

This world is scheduled for Europe in 2015. Will America be part of this System? Biometrics and identity scanning is now happening in India:  watch this youtube video:

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  1. May 27, 2012 6:48 am

    All very true, however you miss out one important factor: the use of FORCE.

    Currencies in the world are controlled by governments which are agencies of force. Or in more exact terms:

    A government is an group of individuals within a geographical area which retain the monopolistic legal right to initiate force against the rest of the population in order to achieve its aims.

    Currencies can be based on silver, gold, eggs, shiny pebbles or thin air. They can exist as numbers in computers or as coins and notes or a combination of both.

    Currencies can be stable and secure or they can be unstable, subject to inflation and as risky as hell.

    None of this would be a problem IF currencies operated within a free market system – which is to say if we were not forced (threat or use of violence) by governments to use their currencies.

    Without the initiation of force (ie without government monopoly on currencies backed by violence) anyone would be free to start up competing currencies and these could take any form. Perhaps a very inconvenient but stable currency or a very convenient but unstable currency. We would have the freedom to choose. As with anything in the free market, the best service providers would get all of the custom. But niche services would exist too if there was a demand for them.

    In a free market (a world where governments could not impose their currencies by force) government currencies would probably fall by the wayside as people rushed to new more stable (ie more valuable) currencies.

    In reality government imposed currencies and economic system is one giant fake ponzi schemes. It HAS to be imposed by force or else we’d never use it!.

    All new money is created as credit (ie debt) through loans. In 99% of cases these loans are created NOT from a bank’s savings but simply out of thin air. The loan must be paid back from the general money supply – all of which was created from other loans to other people.

    Yet banks charge interest on their loans (a relatively new practice historically speaking). But the money for the interest is never created by the banks. Therefore there is always far more debt than actual money in the world! The end result is that a certain percentage of the population at any given moment will always be unable to pay back their debts – and the banks will be seizing their tangible assets (property, land, cars, businesses etc).

    The end result of this economic system (imposed on us by force) can only ever be the banks ending up owning everything as a mathematical certainty.

    The move towards a cashless society is just the partnership of governments and banks deciding to make this scam run more efficiently. No cash means no black market which means every transaction is subject to taxation (by force) meaning more of our money ends up funding illegal wars and so on (things which the big corporations profit from immensely). In reality our taxes are just used to pay back the governments debts to the big banks. Military spending today comes from more loans taken out by government from provate banks which the government will force future generations to pay back by force, from their earnings in the future. Government debt is therefore a way for governments to tax the future earnings of generations who may yet to have even been born yet! It is also a way for banks to make money off of them through interest. Governments and banks work in partnership in this way to enslave generations with debt before they are even born – through government’s monopoly on the legal right to initiate force against us.

    Without this use of force if a political leader took out a loan THEY would have to pay it back and not us.

    Without the use of force is a currency was seen to be no more than a dodgy pyramid scheme we would be free to abandon it for a more stable and fair alternative and let the dodgy banks collapse.

    Inventing dodgy currencies and pernicious banking practices is not a problem as long as we are not FORCED to use them.

    Even cashless currencies are not dangerous as long as we are not FORCED to adopt them in a violent monopoly.

    All of these technologies will enslave us – and ARE currently enslaving us – precisely because we are being FORCED to adopt them.

    New technologies like RFID mean we can no longer afford to live in a world run by a few at the top of a hierarchy of power initiating force against us.

    The faster cars go the more safety features need to be built in and the stronger the chassis, tyres etc need to be. (Model T ford vs Ferrari) otherwise it just becomes a deathtrap! ……..In the same way, the more technologically advanced a society becomes the freer it must also become otherwise it just becomes a deathtrap too. This isn’t ‘conspiracy’ it’s just common sense.

    Make a scientific observation (look at what’s happening in the world today).


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