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Wealth Protection Conference – Tempe, Arizona (April 27-28, 2012)

April 29, 2012

Pat and Linda Gorman attracted a blue ribbon panel of speakers to address Economic Issues 

 This was my first time to attend this economic conference in Tempe. I must give the organizers of this conference five stars for their organization and list of quality presenters. Following is a brief summary of the views of the key speakers and their main message as I interpreted their presentations:

1. Sinclair Noe,  Message is:  a crash is coming in 2012 or early 2013. Sinclair thinks silver is the investment for the decade. The Fed will continue to inflate the markets as deflation emerges.

2. Jim Liles, 33 years as a commodities broker:  Message is:  Deflation in commodities is here for the next 20 years. Gold is best alternative as Bernanke continues to inflate the markets. Gas, oil, wheat, corn, soy beans, and most other commodities to decline in price going forward.

3. Janice Dorn,  Socrates is my philosopher for understanding the concept of ‘happiness’. Happiness is possible if we develop ‘compasion’ in our thinking. Janice likes the philosophy of John Wooden, prior basketball coach of UCLA, who said: happiness is developing ‘peace of mind while working towards becoming the best person possible’.

4. Jay Taylor,  Message is:  expect Deflation to emerge soon. He gives the Fed a grade of ‘F’ and he sees this institution as mostly corrupt. Save up some cash now for great buys in gold, silver, and mining stocks…later in 2012. Get yourself educated by reading economic history and watch my website for new presentations weekly.

5. Roger Wiegand,  Message is:  the End of the World is not coming but serious negative events are coming. History shows that the K-Wave is accurate (we are now in the ‘winter’ phase’). Markets to be ‘hell on wheels’ from around July 2012 to early 2013. World War is likely later in 2012. Dow could hit 7500 by fall of 2012. Europe is a potential domino collapse. Euro is a ‘dead duck’. Real estate to decline another 20%. Obama has some 38 czars with a goal of making everyone a captive of government via socialization of the system. The rule of Law means nothing anymore as Presidents do whatever they desire irrespective of laws. Stay positive as 90% of our fears do not happen and the other 10% we can do nothing about. Educate yourself!

6. Arch Crawford,  Message is:  2012 is the year the USA goes to WAR. Events will get much more negative later in 2012. Key dates are May 20 (watch for new earthquakes along the Pacific Rim of Fire), June 24 (possible war and economic depression to start), July 18 (Crash cycle begins with possible major stock market crash), September 22 (autumnal equinox could reveal more deception and stressful events), November 13 (Solar eclipse could reveal more negative events as election will be over), December 21 (this event also suggests that serious negative events will follow). Check out: for more details.

7.  Ian McAvity,   Message is:  Dow to be at 8000 later this summer or early fall. Bear market coming with a vengeance. USA Debt Ceiling will be an issue in August, 2012. ECB has inflated its balance sheet to 3 trillion euros (similar as our Fed). Spain, Italy, and France must receive more help to service its debt. The Equity markets and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are corrupt (do not trust these organizations). Gold to reach (say) $2500 late fall of 2012. The gold price will substantially outperform Dow for the next few years.

8. Bill Tatro,  His message was:  the only solution is ‘creative destruction’, defaults, contraction, and then a new beginning. The cycle of ‘growth’, ‘boom’, ‘bust’, ‘contraction’ will prevail even though the Fed is attempting to stall this natural cycle. Bill is an economist with extensive experience about economic history. Bill is a student of the late-great economist John Kenneth Galbreath who taught Bill the standard Keynesian economic model.

My personal views have not changed much. This conference confirmed my view that serious Deflation and economic Contraction is coming some time in 2012 and will continue for many years. The Central Banks (say the Fed and the ECB) may attempt to create additional QE programs for select recipients, but this will not prevent the naturally occurring collapse that must happen. The key to the entire economic system is investor and trader ‘confidence’. This ‘confidence’ is now waneing rapidly and is likely to accelerate soon as events overtake the manipulations of the Central Banks. Black Swan events are coming and these will create a new negative environment for the entire global system.

Basically, our economic MODEL is broken and running on ‘fumes’. The coming Greater Depression must happen to clear all the markets of excessive debt and illusionary financial schemes. A new SYSTEM will be needed in the near future. For the meantime, investors may want to protect their assets with silver, gold, and other tangible things that might have barter ‘value’ in an uncertain and collapsing market. One attendee at a recent conference said she is buying Jack Daniels Black (lots of bottles) to use as a barter commodity down the road. Others are storing up dried food, guns, paper notes (cash), various types of coins, and then praying that this will not be needed.

We now need to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks and months. The Authorities may be able to ‘kick the can down the road’ a few more months or the CRASH in the financial markets could come as early as May, 2012. Only God knows the exact date and where these events will start:

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