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President of Brazil says that Bernanke’s manipulations causing problems!

April 16, 2012

Dilma Rousseff says:  Brazil’s economy directly affected by Bernanke’s QE policies!

The President of Brazil has discovered that Bernanke’s dollar counterfeiting has been creating money flows into assets within Brazil which then creates inflation and bubbles within the Brazilian economy. Since Brazil is an emerging economy which is growing rapidly (2006-2011), this has attracted huge dollar inflows (from dollar investors) into assets within the Brazilian economy. Commodity prices have been increasing and business ventures have attracted substantial dollar flows. This situation then creates the following:

1. The Brazilian Real appreciates in value relative to other foreign currencies (as dollars are converted into Real’s…to purchase assets). This tends to encourage imports and activity in the service economy but discourages exports and manufacturing. Brazil is mostly an export and manufacturing economy.

2. The Bernanke dollars (billions of counterfeit units) created via his QE policies create huge dollar flows into Brazil which leads to unpredictable price distortions in the Brazilian economy as the digital dollars are converted into Brazilian Real’s for spending.

3. This situation then leads to price inflation within the Brazilian economy which then leads to the Central Bank’s need to sterilize these dollar flows by creating more Real’s (to maintain a stable Brazilian currency)…which leads to more inflation and eventually a bubble in certain asset sectors within the economy.

President Rousseff has brought this issue up with our President, Obama, in her recent visit to Washington D.C. and again at the Summit of the Americas this past week in Columbia. To date, our President Obama, has not publicly responded to this challenge. Is President Obama aware of what Bernanke’s counterfeiting policies are doing in the greater markets outside the continental USA? Is he aware that our dollar units now flow to all parts of this planet to seek out attractive investment alternatives? Is he aware that his Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, has created these distortions in prices and values (not only in Brazil)…but in many other Nation States outside of our own borders (China, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, etc.)?

Dilma Rousseff seems to have a valid case against the recent manipulations of our Fed Chairman. We now live in a global marketplace where investment flows (mostly digital dollars) affect the prices and values of assets all around our planet. Ben Bernanke’s policies (mostly his official counterfeiting of our global reserve currency unit) does distort prices and values of all goods and services to some extent. The question is:   is he aware of this and if so…does he care about the economies of these other countries?

Read about this issue at: and also at:

What is now happening as a result of current Central Bank actions and monetary manipulations is a dramatic distortion of all ‘values’ and ‘prices’ within our global economy. This is due to the type of ‘money’ that we now use globally…all the digital currency units and their creation ‘out of thin air’…including the speed of light transmission of currencies today.  In time this will lead to much greater distortions which then will lead to a total collapse of our monetary system. Sound money has always been the key to stable prices and values. Today, however, all is unsound and this is why a new System will be needed in the not to distant future. That is my missive for today:

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