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What’s good for the Goose may be bad for the Gander!

December 21, 2014

Black Swans are now appearing at many locations around our planet. Gas prices in the USA are down to $2.00/gallon in many areas as the prices (of goods and services) in Russia start to escalate. The price of crude is down to $57/barrel (dollars) and the ‘value’ of the rouble is now 58-R/$ (a devaluation from 35-R/$ just a few months ago). So what is good for the U.S. ‘goose’ may be bad for the Russian ‘gander’. We live in a world of cyber currencies, cyber exchange markets, and cyber volatility. This is our new world…in this digital age where speed of light transactions (via pulses of light frequencies) change prices and values within milliseconds. Algorithms and high frequency trading now dominates all our global markets. Are you aware of these recent changes within our markets?

What’s good for the U.S. Goose may be bad for the Russian Gander! What do you think?

Gone are the paper notes and metal coins (now only some 4% of all monetary transactions) and emerging (rapidly) are imaginary cyber currencies which circulate at near the speed of light. The speed of light is 186,000 miles/second. Today, our computer trading can use these light frequencies to transfer ‘numbers’ from one computer to another. Numbers, my friends, are legal tender and our money. Each country which creates their own ‘numbers’ give their currency number a ‘name’. The ‘name’ for the U.S. money ‘number’ ($1.00) is Dollar. The ‘name’ for the Russian money ‘number’ is Rouble (also called Ruble). As we go around our planet each country which creates their cyber currency ‘number’ gives their ‘number’ a unique ‘name’. This means that ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ now rule over economics and finance!

Our entire planet now operates within Cyberspace for our economics and our finance! Cyberspace warfare is now ubiquitous globally! Watch our cyber markets as they change from millisecond to millisecond!

We can identify each countries currency ‘number’ by its chosen ‘name’. The legal tender ‘number’ created for the 28 countries in the Eurozone is given the ‘name’ Euro. The ‘number’ for Sweden (SEK1) is given the ‘name’ Krone. The ‘number’ for Brazil is given the ‘name’ Real. All these currency ‘names’ are now ‘numbers’ within cyberspace and these ‘numbers’ get created merely by ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen. This means that our MONEY today starts within the consciousness of Central Bankers and then gets ‘typed’ into cyber reality (our computer screens). Today, we trade, buy, sell, invest, speculate, etc. with cyber (imaginary) NUMBERS. I call these ‘numbers’ UNITS of consciousness (as they derive from policymakers within our Central Banks and their computer desks). Who is aware?

Trading via a Smart Phone can change our global PRICES in milliseconds! We now trade mostly within cyberspace and via mobile devices! We live economically in CYBERSPACE today! Our Central Banks also trade within our electronic cyberspace markets!

Our global stock and futures exchanges are now nearly 100% electronic. This means that trading ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ within our computer screens makes up most of our Capital today. New credit means more ‘numbers’ from someone (usually a banking institution). New debt means additional ‘numbers’ on the liability side of our accounting books (all these numbers now reside in cyberspace). Numbers ‘appear’ from ‘nothing’ and ‘disappear’ into ‘nothing’ (merely by crediting and debiting cyber accounting books). Numbers can also be called ‘units’ of consciousness. Units of consciousness are derived from human thinking (one’s MIND). Our entire financial system and structure today has evolved into a ‘metaphysical’ system/structure. The word ‘metaphysical’ means WITHIN one’s inner CONSCIOUSNESS!

All our Exchanges are now nearly 100% electronic! They operate within Cyberspace and use Cyber money for trading and settling of trades. The $ is a cyber currency. The R is a cyber currency. Cyber money is now ubiquitous globally! Cyber warfare is also everywhere!

Very few understand today’s financial non-system. Our friend, Mr. Putin, of Russia is now discovering how select traders (probably within our hierarchical banking system) are manipulating the cyber Rouble (Ruble) within our Futures (currency exchange) markets. Trading strategies can drive the Rouble down and up merely by making bets within our electronic exchange markets. Trading Desks (now using high-speed digital computers) can change the ‘value’ of a currency via a unique trading strategy. Trading Desks (within a Central Bank Building) can dump Futures contracts (now cyber contracts) to drive PRICES down and also up. Supply/Demand may not function today given these new trading gimmicks/strategies. We live in a world of cyber currencies, cyber exchange markets, and cyber trading manipulations.

What is Vladimir Putin thinking now that his economic survival is in jeopardy? Will he counter attack with his own Cyber Warfare? Should Russia request a reset and return to physical money (silver/gold)?

Our electronic computers (now mostly in the form of Smart Phones) can trade, buy, sell, speculate, and manipulate all PRICES within our global markets. Prices, today, are really derived within our cyber exchange markets. Cyber trading creates all our ‘prices’. As of today, the cyber price of a gallon of gas (in the Tucson market) is $2.09. This ‘price’ fluctuates from day-to-day as our cyber traders click their mouse buttons and trade cyber CRUDE oil. In one day the cyber ‘price’ of crude dropped some 30%. The cyber value of the Rouble dropped also by 30% in one day. Is this manipulation or a free market driven price system? Does supply and demand work in our new cyber manipulated markets? What do you think?

Electronic trading creates the crash in Crude prices and the Rouble’s value! Who is behind these trades?

Where is all this cyber trading leading going forward? We now witness what is happening over in Russia. In one day their markets changed from prosperity to austerity. The Rouble crashed on our cyber trading markets and Russian oil crashed on these same cyber trading markets. Russia now is experiencing the effects of cyber manipulations deriving from our cyber trading markets. Will this lead to economic changes within Russia? Will Mr. Putin and the Central Bank of Russia work on counter strategies to punish those traders (say the USA) who created this pain for the Russian people and their economic system? Were American policymakers and Central Bank traders involved in this cyber attack upon Russia (oil price and rouble value)? Many pundits think that our policymakers were behind these Price/Value manipulations!

Could this trading desk at the New York Fed (33 Liberty Street) be involved in our electronic Cyber Markets? Could trading Algorithms change Prices in milliseconds? What do you think? Is the Globex Electronic Market being used by our Central Bank to manipulate prices? Many would wager, yes!

Many say that the U.S. Federal Reserve trading Desk(s) and/or the U.S. Treasury Department trading Desk(s) could be involved in this cyber attack upon Russia and Mr. Putin. Is this reasonable to assume? What do you think? Could the Obama policymakers (within the Fed or Treasury) use cyber money attacks to create these economic/finance changes which now affect the Russian economy? What about the U.S. economic sanctions (now cyber sanctions) upon Russia? Is this a form of economic CYBER warfare? What do you think? What’s good for the U.S. Goose may be bad for the Russian Gander! We will need to watch our Cyber Markets next week (and every day) for new changes and volatility! Our economic non-system is at the CAUSE of all our global problems! That would be my VIEW! Enjoy! I am:

Money/Cyberspace: not within our ‘Material’ Universe!

December 19, 2014

What we now need to recognize is that our Cyber Money ($$$) derives from our metaphysical Consciousness (our inner self/our mind) and NOT from our ‘material’ universe of matter/energy. Money, today, should be viewed as UNITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Our money symbols ($$$) are not located within our ‘material’ universe…as it was (when symbols were engraved on our metal coins and paper notes) for most of our recorded history. Today, we live with ‘phantom’ currency units ($$$) which have NO location or substance within our Material Universe of space/time. Who is aware? Who can discern the ‘nature’ of our money symbols ($$$) and the ‘nature’ of Cyberspace. Cyberspace is also NOT located within our Material Universe. Try and ‘find’, ‘locate’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘observe’, ‘feel’, or ‘hear’ this invisible space which almost all think is real and material.

Is cyber warfare the new strategy for ruling over our planet? What do you think?

Is cyberspace within our material space/time universe? Where is it?

Our consciousness reveals itself within cyberspace! Finance and cyber money reveal who rules this planet!

Did you notice the Dow Index these past two days? This Cyber Index shot up some 709 cyber points on pure metaphysical emotion (the inner consciousness of all our cyber traders). The index shot up 421 cyber points on mostly one WORD emanating from the mouth of our Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen. What was this single unit of consciousness (word) which emerged from Janet’s mouth? It appears that the word ‘patient’ (interpreted to mean that ‘interest rates’ could stay suppressed) was the ‘unit’ (word) which created all this emotion within our cyber markets. The Dow Index (all math and cyber numbers today) responded with a 421 point increase (the highest cyber point increase in 3 years). Did our GDP also increase as a result of this emotional response within our cyber markets? What about our National Wealth?

One ‘word’ (patient) caused our cyber traders to drive the cyber Dow up 421 cyber points!

What I have discerned for some time is that we all live within TWO realms of reality (worlds). Our physical world (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) is one realm. This realm/world is within our ‘material’ universe. This realm responds to our five physical senses. The second realm or world which we live within is our metaphysical ‘consciousness’ (our inner self/being/mind). This second world is now where all our so-called ‘money’ resides. This realm is non-material and not part of our ‘material’ world of matter/energy. To discover this metaphysical inner world we need to ‘turn’ inward and discover our own personal inner self and consciousness. This inner self/consciousness is where finance and money reside. Cyberspace also resides within this extended inner realm.

We all live within TWO realms of reality (the inner and the outer)!

Our Central Banking officials (essentially a cartel operation) now produce/create their cyber money units ($$$) from their INNER world of consciousness for use by consumers/investors/traders. Our cyber money (all global cyber currencies) now emerges from the thinking and typing of select banking officials who reside within the halls of our Central Bank Buildings. These select officials/policymakers/rulers (and their primary dealer proxies) produce all our cyber money and manipulate all our cyber prices via their decisions (derived from their inner metaphysical consciousness). A few select Central Bankers now control and rule over all of global finance and economics (as cyber money is essential for our continuing survival). We all are basically economic ‘slaves’ of these select rulers/manipulators. Who is aware?

Who RULES over the 7 billion citizens of planet Earth? Who controls the planets MONEY?

Our historical money circulated as physical coins and paper notes. These units were part of our ‘material’ world. Today, a ‘Cashless Money’ world is rapidly emerging. Sweden is mostly cashless. Canada is mostly cashless. The USA and Europe are becoming mostly cashless. In fact, the entire planet is trending towards this cashless cyber world of money which is created from the consciousness of just a few select Central Bankers. Mobile payments, credit card swipes, EBT food stamp cards, and all our on-line cyber transactions are creating this new world of metaphysical money and our volatile cyber index exchanges. Russia is now experiencing some of this cyber volatility as their cyber Ruble, cyber oil prices, and cyber sanction policies are changing this entire cyber economy. What a world which we now experience!

The history of Money! Virtual reality now rules over finance and economics!

Is it now time for human beings on planet Earth to discover WHO THEY really ARE? We have been living on this planet for some 6,000 years (mostly unconsciously it seems) and we teach mostly everyone (via our public education system) that we emerged from primordial matter/energy (a chemical soup of some 4 billion years in the past). We all ‘evolved’ from material matter/energy and our consciousness has emerged from our Brain Activity (so we can grow and survive). Is any of this fantasy relevant today? Are we all emergent products of a 4 billion year old chemical SOUP? Isn’t it now time to rethink this fantasy and get REAL about our human history and WHO WE REALLY ARE? What do you THINK? Our cyber money system may HELP to wake us up on these and other issues of importance! That is my message for today! I am:

Advice for Vladimir Putin and the Russian Ruble!

December 18, 2014

This missive is for the attention of Vladimir Putin of Russia. As a currency historian and philosopher, I have some advice for you and your Nation. Your current Cyber Ruble, Vladimir, has crashed (in terms of the American cyber dollar) and this has revealed the ‘phantom’ nature of your currency unit. Are you aware, Vladimir, that your Ruble is a ‘phantom’? There is zero substance to your Cyber Ruble (it is a creature of cyberspace and our electronic markets) which recently crashed on our global currency markets from 35 to $1.00 (in September) to 62 to $1.00 (today). This silent crash on our electronic futures markets is creating huge problems for Russia and for your trading counterparties. Listen to some advice, Vladimir! I can assist you to stabilize your Ruble going forward!

Vladimir Putin needs to read and think about the message within this missive!

Today, Vladimir, we live with Cyber currency units (globally) which our Central Bankers can/do create from their thinking (their consciousness/mind). These units are ‘typed’ in the computer and enter cyberspace as mere pixels of light. We call these units digital units! These cyber units have zero substance and zero physicality. These units are NOT material units as in the past, Vladimir. Your Ruble used to be a sound physical currency. The history of your currency goes back over 500 years. Peter the Great standardized your Ruble in terms of silver way back in 1704. Your Ruble, Vladimir, used to be 18 grams of silver and/or 1.2 grams of gold. Were you aware of this? Yes, your Ruble was a physical/material currency unit with substance and existence for hundreds of years. Today, you live with a Cyber Ruble, Vladimir, which has zero substance and zero materiality. Are you AWARE of this! Your Ruble is a ‘phantom’ unit today! It is circulated on our global electronic markets as a ‘number’, ‘name’, and ‘symbol’!

The Russian Ruble used to be defined in terms of 18 grams of Ag (physical silver)!

Here is what I recommend for you and your Nation, Vladimir. What you now need to do is use your $400 billion of Cyber $’s (the $’s stored in your official computer reserve account at your Central Bank) and purchase physical SILVER with these cyber funds. Silver is physical and used to back your Ruble for hundreds of years. Silver, today, is so cheap (only some $16/ounce) as this price is also manipulated on our electronic cyberspace markets. In fact, both silver and gold are manipulated (in price) today by your American counterparties (our Treasury and Federal Reserve banking officials). These historical precious metals used to be the backing and foundation for ALL political currencies! Today, however, we live with ‘phantom’ cyber currencies which create these silent cyber crashes on our currency markets!

Today, Vladimir, your Ruble is imaginary and within cyberspace (the electronic space which is revealed by your computer screen)! This is why it crashed!

Check out your own history, Vladimir. Your Ruble used to be defined as 18 grams of silver and/or 1.2 grams of gold. This definition gave your Ruble meaning, substance, and perceived value. Today, your Ruble is a pure ‘phantom’ unit within cyberspace (your computer screen). Look at your official computer screen for evidence. The crash of your Ruble from 35 to 62 is a manipulated event, Vladimir. Computer traders at our Central Bank and/or Treasury can manipulate your Cyber Ruble on the electronic currency exchanges! Trading desks at all the official Central Banks have this capability today, Vladimir. Even a computer trader (within a select Hedge Fund) could accomplish this silent crash of your Cyber Ruble. George Soros accomplished a similar result trading the British Pound some years ago!

Your Ruble crashed on the electronic markets, Vladimir! Why? Could it be that your Ruble is a ‘phantom’! Where is the substance of your Ruble? Can you discern?

Since our Cyber $ is supposedly the Reserve Currency for the planet and since most products (goods/services) are PRICED in our Cyber Dollar, our officials desire to ‘fake’ counterparties into thinking that this Cyber unit (called the $) is SOUND and viable going forward. In reality, however, our Cyber $ is also a ‘phantom’ just like your Cyber RUB. Both the $ and the R are phantom units of nothing which trade within an artificial space called CYBERSPACE. These phantom units appear in your computer screen as pixels of light (text symbols/numbers). In reality, Vladimir, these units are units of NOTHING (mere ‘phantoms’ created from one’s MIND and stored in an artificial space called CYBERSPACE). What you now need to do is to ignore your ‘phantom’ Ruble and create a real Ruble (similar to what Peter the Great did in 1704). You need to DEFINE your Ruble in terms of SILVER. Think on this issue (talk to your finance advisors for additional insight)!

A 500 Ruble Paper Note with Peter the Great on the reverse! What is a Ruble when it is not defined! What gives a currency unit ‘value’ is its definition in terms of SOMETHING!

Take the time to THINK about what I am advising, Vladimir. If you DEFINE your Ruble in terms of (say) 18 grams of silver and make this unit convertible into real physical silver (at the discretion of the holder) then you by-pass the phantom cyber units which are now ubiquitous on all our global electronic currency exchanges. Your Ruble would become an observable unit which I/you could hold in our hand. The unit could be traded for goods/services within your trading markets. Your Ruble would be viewed as containing some perceived VALUE. The purpose of a currency unit, Vladimir, is to help your economy create real physical wealth. To accomplish this result it needs to be perceived as having some VALUE.

Your Ruble, today, trades within CYBERSPACE as a digital unit of nothing, Vladimir! Our electronic exchanges can manipulate this Ruble via computer trading strategies!

All our global currencies lost their materiality shortly after our President Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. In 1973, the INDEX currency concept was created. Symbols, names, numbers became our new fiat currencies. Today, our currencies have transitioned into cyberspace units (also called digital units or electronic units) and this is why your Cyber Ruble crashed (it most likely was manipulated to crash on our electronic currency markets by select traders). Can you discern this reality? Today, we live with currency units which are basically ‘phantom’ in nature and these units are traded in our realtime cyber (electronic) markets. These units derive from nothing (also called ‘thin air’) and we witness their reality within our computer screen. Wake Up to the reality of today, Vladimir! Your RUBLE is a ‘phantom’! Think on this at your leisure! I am:

Are Central Bankers Criminals/Conspirators? Let’s think!

December 16, 2014

Many political pundits and philosophers are suggesting that Central Bankers are actually criminals/law breakers and should be prosecuted. I would add that our Central Bankers could also be viewed as promoters of Ponzi economics and acts of foolishness. A British report says (June 19, 2013): “The British government has announced that it will be proposing legislation to have senior bankers face prison for “reckless” risk taking. The U.K. says it’s “cracking down” hard because banking is so important to its economy.” Steve Forbes says in his magazine, August 12, 2013:  “One point cannot be emphasized enough: If the Federal Reserve, with the connivance of the U.S. Treasury Department, had not debased the dollar, the “reckless” and egregious excesses could not have happened. Jail bankers? Let’s start with the real villains–central bankers and their political masters.”

Hans Hermann Hoppe views Central Bankers as Criminals! What do you think?

Philosopher, Hans Hoppe says, YES. Central Bankers are criminals and his video explains why: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, an Austrian School economist and libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher, is Professor Emeritus of Economics at UNLV, Senior Fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, founder and president of The Property and Freedom Society, former editor of the Journal of Libertarian Studies, and a lifetime member of the Royal Horticultural Society. Murray N. Rothbard says (June 5, 2009): “The Federal Reserve System is accountable to no one; it has no budget; it is subject to no audit; and no Congressional committee knows of, or can truly supervise, its operations. The Federal Reserve, virtually in total control of the nation’s vital monetary system, is accountable to nobody — and this strange situation, if acknowledged at all, is invariably trumpeted as a virtue.” Whose viewpoint should we believe?

The history of Central Banking reveals that MONEY rules over our planet? Is this sound economics? Would America’s Founding Fathers approve of this situation?

Yes, Money rules our entire planet (via a Centralized Cartel Type Operation) and individual Central Banker’s rule over our Money and our realtime markets. Cartel defined: a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest.Today, Central Bankers have their own computer trading desks which manipulate and control the prices of key commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.) and they create financial havoc within companies, nations, and regional empires (like Russia at present). Central Bankers are active in our realtime markets to destabilize our prices, exchange rates, create inflation, create stock market bubbles, create deflationary episodes, and create global economic resets. Our entire global economic system revolves around the decisions and manipulative actions of Central Bankers. Few seem to be aware of these actions of our Centralized Authorities who operate mostly in secret and behind closed doors! Are you aware of this?

The WISDOM of one of America’s Founding Fathers! T.J. would not approve of today’s Central Banking Cartel operation!

Today, our markets are all operating within Cyberspace and this space is made (and is ideal) for computer manipulations of our prices. Algorithms and black box trading strategies distort all markets and prices today. The most proximate cause of all this instability is our Central Bank policies and the actions within our Central Bank facilities (their trading desks)! And the biggest and most manipulative trading desk(s) on our planet appears to be that our the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Their trading desk(s) are at 33 Liberty Street, New York (within the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve Building). Some 60 traders (it appears) are active within this trading room and no media attention or reporting has been allowed. What is transpiring behind the closed-door operations of the New York Fed? Why all the secrecy and lack of transparency? Does secrecy really promote stability within our markets?

Computers now can control and manipulate PRICES in realtime. Central Banks also have their computer trading desks, algorithms, and networks. Is this really Capitalism?

Those who desire to understand our distorted and volatile financial markets need to request that our politicians look into these closed-door operations within the centralized ‘halls’ of our World’s Central Banks. The key Central Banks to watch are the following: The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (New York, USA), The European Central Bank (Frankfurt, Germany), The Bank of England (London, England), The Peoples Bank of China (Beijing, China), The Russian Central Bank (Moscow, Russia), The Bank of Japan (Tokyo, Japan), Bank of International Settlements (Basel, Switzerland), and the Bank of India (Mumbai, India). These key Central Banks account for some 85% of global gross national product. The most influential Central Bank (by far) is our U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Watch these ‘criminals’ (administrators) closely!

The above chart seems relatively accurate (it would appear)! What do you think?

Personally, I do not view our Central Bank policymakers as core criminals (in the same manner as many are suggesting). I would propose that our SYSTEM is really the real CRIMINAL. Our SYSTEM has evolved into this criminal operation (IMO). Thomas Jefferson warned us about a SYSTEM where authority was CENTRALIZED (where merely a FEW could control the monetary affairs of an entire NATION). Thomas Jefferson is my reference point for what American monetary affairs should represent. Today, his WISDOM has been abandoned and the unwise philosophy of prior American politicians (such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and our Keynesian manipulators) have risen to the pedestal of POWER. The wisdom of our Founding Fathers has been totally abandoned in the name of a new wisdom of the ELITE! This system evolved over time and is now mostly corrupt and disfunctional!

What is now needed is for the American public (all voters) to become educated about our current ‘criminal’ SYSTEM (and its philosophy). Many call our current economic system CAPITALISM. But is this a correct view of today’s reality? Do Americans really enjoy the historical philosophy of Capitalism which was also viewed as a FREE MARKET ECONOMY? Personally, I don’t think so! Today’s monetary system is operating mostly within CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is not the same as our historical observable space. Cyberspace is really an ‘artificial’ space which operates within our metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS! Few, however, seem aware of the ‘nature’ of Cyberspace. Now is a good time to get yourself educated on many of these issues! Think for yourself and reflect on the above issues! I am:

The Science underlying today’s Money!

December 15, 2014

Money RULES over the economic survival of nearly everyone on our planet. But who RULES over money? Those who create/control/manipulate our ‘money’ do not inform the lay citizen on what they are thinking and doing behind closed doors! The science of money is mostly a private science which only a select few elite understand. Today, however, thanks to our global interconnected internet, a nobody (like myself) can gain insight and understanding into this arcane science…which is not taught in any of our institutions of higher learning. Following is my Revelation of this inner/dark/world of ‘money’ and of global market manipulation! Let’s think about the science of money and see if we can discern why our current monetary casino is a House of Cards…about to collapse!

Assume that YOU are the individual (the public) and that you wish for Transparency!

Science deals with all of nature (our universe) which lies outside my/your metaphysical mind/consciousness. The current science of everything is called Quantum Mechanics. This science deals with the motion of atoms, electrons, and results (entanglements) emanating from random motions of sub-atomic units…such as photons (the smallest units of light)…which contain ‘zero rest mass’. Our global internet is possible today because of this science and the radiation of units of photons (now pulses of light) from computer to computer to send messages from sender to receiver. Zero’s and One’s create bits and bytes which encode data (words, text, images) which later get revealed within the pixels of our computer screens. Let’s continue!

Science deals with all that is OUTSIDE my/your ‘mind’! We call this the Quantum World!

These computer screen pixels display WORDS (text), IMAGES (pictures), and SYMBOLS (numbers). Today, our money starts out with the typing of ‘numbers’ (into a computer account) and these ‘numbers’ get called by ‘names’ which we interpret as our currencies (dollars, pounds, euros, yen, krona, etc.). The inner MIND of a central banker (say Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, Stefan Ingves, etc.) can initiate an operation (like QE or Fractional Reserve Lending) to change the mix of ‘numbers’ within the overall marketplace (now global). After increasing their own Central Computer Account by the desired AMOUNT, they and their committee can then DISTRIBUTE these (numbers)…called money (dollars, etc.) to select financial recipients via their (the Central Bank’s) computer. Can you envision this process/operation? Can you discern how events START (within the closed doors of a Central Bank)?

Picture in your MIND (consciousness) what a Central Banker might think and do!

Put yourself in the shoes of one of these Central Banker’s and ask these questions : How much new ‘money’ do I want to create from my thinking today? Who should I distribute these ‘money numbers’ to after I type them into my Central Bank Account (say the Fed’s SOMA account)? What do I want these recipients of my money creations to do with these NEW ‘money numbers’? Will this process/operation lead to what I desire for the economy and for those who receive my ‘money numbers’? When I manipulate the markets with my new strategy, how might the trading community respond within my National marketplace and also the Global marketplace? If my strategy does NOT work, what is my fall-back strategy and what are the probable consequences of all my new manipulations? Let’s continue!

What is in the MIND (consciousness) of this Central Banker? What is he thinking up! What new manipulation strategy might work on the unsuspecting marketplace?

Now is the time for the reader of this missive to THINK like a Central Banker. The key Central Bankers on our planet at present are America’s Janet Yellen, Europe’s Mario Draghi, England’s Mark Carney, Japan’s H. Kuroda, China’s Zhou Xiaochuan, and Russia’s Elvira Nabiullina. These six central bankers can change all our global monetary markets with their inner thinking/thoughts. They can now create their ‘money numbers’ (dollars, yuan, pounds, yen, rubles, and euro’s) via their METAPHYSICAL thinking and manipulate all our markets via their decisions/actions. And all these actions are now MOSTLY done independent of what their political leaders, the trading market, and the general public might expect. Privacy and secrecy is the ART of Central Banking! Manipulation is the strategy! Let’ continue!

Who are the important Central Bankers on our planet? What are they thinking? Do they use a private network to communicate with one another? What do you Think!

Our WORLD, today, is ruled by a few Central Bankers who operate mostly independent from the 7 billion citizens of our world. As citizens of our planet we all must adjust to the secret inner thoughts of this CABAL of thinkers/manipulators/rulers. Yes, our markets today are Centralized and Manipulated by primarily a few insiders (select banksters) who have access to the legal tender monies for our entire planet. We all elect political leaders under the ASSUMPTION that these elected political leaders will change our markets for the benefit of the public. In reality, however, this elite CABAL of central bankers (operating mostly in secret/and independently) get to choose who rises/falls/wins/loses within our global economic casino. Is this Capitalism? Is this a Free Market economic system? What should one call this type of non-SYSTEM?

Who wins from the perks of MONEY rulership? Who benefits from the Money Power? Who doesn’t? Is Money a type of Ponzi Game? What do you Think?

I like to call this non-system MONEY FROM HEAVEN. My reason is that our currency units today are really METAPHYSICAL units (of nothing) which now appear within our computer screens as pixels of light (derived from zero’s and one’s, bits and bytes, pulses of light, radiated from computer to computer via speed of light frequencies). The only elite who really understand the process and the operations are the elite located within the private (dark) rooms within select CENTRAL BANKS on our planet. Does any of this make any SENSE? Think! We now create ‘money from heaven’ (the inner thoughts of a cabal of banksters) and distribute this flow of radiated money (pulses of light) from computer to computer. Who understands any of this? It seems totally insane to me! Give the above some reflection and thought to discern your own view! Continue your research by challenging yourself to think (independently)!

Could the inner thoughts of Dudley (CEO at the New York Fed) be crucial when developing U.S. banking strategy? William Dudley is also a permanent member of the FOMC! What is he Thinking up for unsuspecting American citizens?

What is this Vice Chairman (possibly the most influential banker) be thinking and strategizing? Can any American ‘read’ his inner thoughts? Will he stop QE going forward? What do you think?

The Global Banking Casino! Is this Capitalism or Ponzism for the select elite? What do you think? Where is this leading going forward? NWO???

In summary, we now live within a global monetary world which is entangled/interconnected similar to sub-atomic waves and particles (quantum mechanics) all within Cyberspace (our new global internet communication system) and controlled by the inner Metaphysical thoughts of a cabal of banksters. The ‘thinking’ of this select elite group of banksters determines everyone’s economic survival going forward. The entire global Casino system is now mostly METAPHYSICAL as the ‘money numbers’ derive from the human mind…also called one’s CONSCIOUSNESS. A few elite RULE over the entire 7 billion citizens of our planet via secret (dark) board room decisions within select Central Banker locations (all connected via a private network of communication for these elite). Who can comprehend this World Ruling System? When will this controlled Casino collapse? We definitely need this Casino/Ponzi operation to cease and desist! Reflect on this missive at your convenience! I am:

Sweden leads world to a Cashless Society in 2015!

December 12, 2014

The five top nations which are now nearly 100% cashless are: Sweden, Somaliland, Kenya, Canada, and South Korea. The United States, Israel, and Western Europe are not far behind. This trend towards a cashless world is accelerating with all our electronic, digital, and mobile devices. Even without a deliberate government policy to phase out physical money, things are still headed in an exclusively digital direction (for our planet), albeit not as swiftly as some aging pop stars might demand. Coins and paper notes are an endangered species. Checks have long been eliminated in Sweden. Stores in downtown Stockholm post signs saying, “We Don’t Take Cash—Cards Only.”

Digitization (a cashless global society) works only (in a globalized interconnected world). And then it would work only if mandated/forced upon everyone (where no choice is allowed)! Would Americans buy into this type of system? As of today, they have bought into this type of system! Think!

Churches, in Sweden, have installed card terminals for donations, and many banks now keep no cash on hand. Even the homeless magazine vendors are now cashless. Stockholm’s homeless magazine vendors no longer need to ask if you can spare a kronor. They take credit cards. In the most cashless society on the planet, a few of the sellers of Situation Stockholm, a culture magazine hawked by the homeless, were equipped in September with portable card readers to accept payments from fellow Swedes. The move marks a world first, according to their employer. This is the trend now in motion…for most of the nations on our planet!

Stockholm’s homeless magazine vendors no longer need to ask if you can spare any kronor. They take credit cards. Cash is mostly being eliminated in all of Sweden!

The music group ABBA is a big promoter of a cashless society for Sweden. “The concept of money is really a very abstract one,” says Bjorn of ABBA. “We no longer need that physical thing attached to it (meaning a paper note attached to the abstract symbol called the SEK). Not in 2014 and beyond, says Bjorn.” Bjorn does not allow any physical cash within his Museum in Sweden. This trend towards exchanging abstract symbols within a computer/smart phone screen is so simple and easy…and many think that crime will diminish as a result of going cashless. But is this trend really workable internationally? Can international trade work with ‘symbol’ money and with virtual/cyber money which is created ‘out of nothing’?

Paper notes and coins are not needed in a Cashless society! One Central Bank for the planet would be required (for administration) along with mandated currency use for all consumers/public! We are nearly there!

To eliminate all physical money from the planet we would need a system where ONE central bank issues a virtual/digital currency unit for everyone (per their algorithmic formulae). We would also need a One World Government with monetary specialists creating these abstract symbols for the entire global economic system. These monetary specialists would then need to mandate/force everyone to buy and sell using their abstract symbol currency. Essentially, every person on our planet would be selling their privacy and their loyalty to this One World Central Bank and its Sovereign control over their economic lives. Is this what Americans desire going forward? It appears that our Swedish friends want this system for their country! Sweden seems to desire to live in cyberspace and exchange imaginary/virtual currencies!

One Central Bank for the planet is necessary to enforce the system of a Cashless world! Which Central Bank would prevail and who would the policymakers include?

Essentially, select Central Bankers would administer the monetary affairs of all nations via these virtual/imaginary/digital currencies. Our global money would be abstract and metaphysical (mere symbols, names, numbers).  The distribution of all the virtual/digital money would need to be administered from some centralized location and probably via the means of computer algorithms. Algorithms now are used for many of our financial transactions and most trading. Voice activated apps are now available in Sweden and the United States for banking and monetary transfers. Speak and transfer money. Speak and trade currencies. Speak into your smart phone mic for all your transactions. Few seem to realize that our ‘money’ today is metaphysical (within our consciousness)! This allows us to ‘speak’ and create/transfer/trade cyber units (called money)!

Yes, Central Bankers now RULE over the entire planet! Money is the God of this World’s elite! The history of banking and money will reveal this reality!

Abstract/metaphysical monetary symbols RULE over all commerce! Who is aware! Where do these ‘symbols’ come from? Who creates them? Why? For whom?

The vast majority of our financial pundits, our media, and our politicians are ‘blinded’ to the reality of the ‘nature’ of our money. This blindness is so pervasive that even when a person admits that our cyber money is fake and imaginary, they nonetheless resort to using it and believing in it via their actions and financial behavior. It seems like people are unable to differentiate between what is fake/imaginary and what is real and outside their metaphysical mind. Blindness seems to run within the entire human family. I guess this is why awake persons call the masses ‘sheeple’, ‘followers’ and ‘group think’ zombies. The vast majority of mankind simply refuses to THINK about the ‘nature’ of reality. In fact most refuse to THINK!

The desire to follow the most flamboyant rhetorician as the Authority over reality! Is this typical of most consumers/voters/followers?

Pick out the most convincing media pundit and follow his/her advice! They know reality!

It’s easier to follow the BROAD road until the CLIFF is reached!

Yes, we live in world of mostly ‘group think’ zombies. People lock-on to a guru and then follow this guru to the edge of a cliff (before starting to think for themselves). I suppose the big problem with thinking is that it requires ‘faith’ in ones own perceptions and then ‘faith’ in the consequences which flow from a perception. Since all of reality (for us humans) is ‘relative’ and ‘changing’ it is much easier for most to lock-on to a guru who appears (in personality and rhetoric) to know the answers. Socrates, the great Athenian philosopher, also noticed this trait of human nature. When he questioned (in the marketplace) the ‘all knowing’ leaders and the general public, he observed that most everyone lost emotional control when they discovered their own ignorance (on an issue they assumed they knew).

Guru worship is all around us! This is also called the ‘blind’ following the ‘blind’!

Group think is evident in most churches, synagogues, and educational institutions! Science, religion, economics, money, and philosophy are no exceptions!

My personal view is that I must accept the reality of ‘not’ knowing. The reality of ‘no final answers’ for issues of life. The reality of REALITY being ‘relative’ and ‘changing’. The reality that mistakes are a given (in life). The reality of imperfection in thinking and knowing. And the reality that ‘ignorance’ will continue (to a degree) as life emerges and changes. Reality is always somewhat ‘fearful’ and ‘uncertain’. This, to me, is a given! Anyway, I would challenge those who deny the imaginary ‘nature’ of all our cyber/digital currencies. Try and discover, find, locate, hold a cyber dollar, a cyber yen, or a cyber euro. Where are they located and what ‘in reality’ is cyberspace? Get ready for a Cashless Global Society which man will attempt to implement at some point down the road! Enjoy! I am:

Financial Warfare is now Cyber Warfare!

December 11, 2014

What we now witness in our financial markets are serious currency wars (over fluctuating exchange rates) and also the potential for cyber warfare within our computerized financial markets. There are those who think that Russia may start a cyber attack on our New York Stock Exchange (computers) to get this cyber warfare started. The Russian Ruble has basically crashed (in terms of our dollar) these past few months. Today, the Ruble exchange rate was 55.99 or we could say 2 cents would purchase 1 ruble. Just a few months ago (August), one dollar would purchase 35.00 rubles (a 40% loss in 6 months). What does this mean for the nation of Russia? What are their options and who do they blame for their financial calamities?

Putin lashes out at the West for destabilizing the World! Quite a statement!

This 40% loss in value (relative to the U.S. Dollar) is causing serious inflation within Russia as prices must increase to reflect this change in the ruble’s exchange value. Not only is the ruble crashing in terms of key hard currencies but a double whammy is hitting Russia with the 40% drop in crude oil prices. Within these past 6 months crude has dropped in price from over $100 to less than $60 (as of today). This situation is creating havoc in the Russian economy. Russia does not enjoy the status of being a Reserve Currency (as our dollar), so the national revenue of Russia is now declining precipitously and the national economy is entering a serious recession. So who does Russia blame for these devastating events?

The dollar/ruble exchange rate is now 55.99 (a 40% decline in 6 months)! This is serious!

Putin and his finance ministers are blaming America and the Obama administration (mostly) for all these devastating financial events. Not only is Russia suffering from its devalued currency and the fall in crude prices but America and the West is also imposing financial sanctions upon Russia. Putin’s perspective in his recent State of the Nation message (December 4) was reported as follows:  Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out Thursday (12/04/2014) at the United States and its European allies, saying Western sanctions for Russia’s annexation of Crimea were just an excuse to weaken the country economically. Delivering his annual state of the nation speech to legislators,  Putin said the sanctions are just a response of the U.S. and its allies over Russia’s actions in the Ukraine. 

Russia is seriously affected by the 40% drop in crude prices! This reduces the national revenue which Russia needs for its governmental programs!

US Today reported early this year that: Russia, enraged by the Obama administration’s sanctions over Ukraine, could strike back at the U.S. via cyber warfare — then deny the attack ever took place, a former top intelligence official said Tuesday. Russia, considered the second country most adept at cyber warfare after the U.S., could use an attack on American computer systems as a way to seek revenge on the U.S., said Richard Clarke, a top counter-terrorism and intelligence official for both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who joined Clarke and former National Security Agency Deputy Director Chris Inglis at the Milken Institute Global Conference here, says Russia is no different than the U.S. when it come to its attitude toward cyber warfare. It’s a key element of its strategy.

Russia retaliated by sanctioning many food items from America and the West!

What we now need to recognize is that our digital currencies are also virtual currencies and these virtual currencies are located within cyberspace. We should call all our global currencies by the name Cyber Currencies as we are now living within an electronic/computerized/virtual financial environment! All our stock markets are now mostly electronic (within cyberspace), all our currencies are mostly virtual (within cyberspace), all our financial instruments (bonds, stocks, index instruments, derivatives) are within cyberspace and mostly virtual instruments. Essentially, we now live in a CYBER world of computers, smart phones, and electronic devices. Cyber warfare is now the key form of warfare for politicians and our military establishment! Cyber warfare has serious consequences for everyone!

World computerization has created the potential for global Cyber Warfare!

An attack on the computers within our electronic markets (such as the New York Stock Exchange) is a real possibility going forward. This type of cyber attack could prevent our markets from functioning within milliseconds. A cyber attack could create a stoppage of trading, investing, and banking (in milliseconds) as trading is now done via speed of light frequencies. Within one day, all the stock markets could be closed and all financial/banking transactions could cease for a time period. Cyber warfare is a real potential event which a country like Russia could initiate. Economic survival and blame of America could be the cause! What would likely happen if Russia initiated this type of event?

The next major WAR could be metaphysical! Cyber warfare is within Cyberspace! Cyberspace is created by our metaphysical data, our virtual currencies, our computerized systems!

More than likely, America would counter with a cyber attack on select Russian computers. America has a sophisticated cyber attack capability. This then could start a global cyber warfare on select computer systems all over the planet. Since we are all totally dependent upon our computerized systems. Everyone would be affected to some degree. The danger of Cyber Warfare is real today. We live within our global internet system and all is now with CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is an artificial space which is mostly metaphysical in nature. Few understand the nature of cyberspace! Start thinking in terms of a possible cyber attack (possibly initiated by Russia). I am:


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