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Democracy is a form of MOB RULE! Why?

July 28, 2014

Few understand the nature of what we call Democracy! On the surface, this concept seems so innocent and obvious! Yet when we dig into the core realities in realtime, we can discern that this concept is a deception and a fantasy! There is no real freedom within a democratic regime (for the many)! The regime and the leaders who espouse this concept are unaware of the actual realities experienced in realtime! A so-called Democracy is a result of voters electing select Rulers over their society. Do these voters have the understanding and discernment to know what their selections will create when in office? Do these voters have the understanding which is necessary for creating a prosperous economy? Do these voters understand human nature and the tendency to desire the ‘easy road’ to prosperity, security, and happiness? Do these voters KNOW what they are doing via their choices at the ballot box? History and current events demonstrate that most voters have ‘not a clue’ to what they are doing.

This is probably why our Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, viewed Democracy as a type of mob rule. T.J. was a student of human nature. He recognized that human beings who vote are mostly uninformed, unaware, and lemmings for the ‘easy road’ to prosperity. I would agree with the wisdom of this Founding Father. Democracy is not going to lead to human freedom and prosperity. This form of government will lead towards a Dictatorship of the Proletariat (due to the masses of people who vote and are uninformed)! America’s promotion of global democracy is a myth and a fantasy IMO. We need to think more deeply and astutely to understand why. A philosopher like T.J., however, could discern that this form of Rulership is not going to promote freedom and prosperity in the longer run. Espousing ‘label’s like DEMOCRACY is meaningless if a person lacks understanding of the real events on the ground!

We now need to discern reality more deeply and we need to discern why select ‘labels’ are meaningless! Our political establishment tends to focus upon ‘labels’ and ‘slogans’ to promote their RULERSHIP  over the proletariat. This is unfortunate and sad! We all need to THINK before we ACT. This requires discernment, knowledge, and understanding. Few seem to desire WISDOM! This, however, is what we now NEED! Wisdom derives from realtime experiences. Wisdom derives from thinking and watching realtime events. We now need Wisdom more than any other factor of human character! Think about acquiring Wisdom, Understanding, and Discernment! I am working on all these areas. I hope others desire this same result! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. The events in the Middle East are sad! Netanyahu is creating the fundamentals for a WW III. We need to ‘dig’ deeper than merely supporting traditional viewpoints! What is the core CAUSE of these events? Why must we now ‘dig’ into the core issues (First Principles) which create subsequent events! D

Imagine – A Great Deflation! It’s coming!

July 28, 2014

Deflation is the ‘fear’ of our Fed and most Keynesian economists. The entire model of Keynesianism is built upon the idea that ‘deflation’ would not occur. Deflation, however, will soon develop with a vengeance as our Debt and Derivative economy starts its decent into oblivion (our so-called debt economy is built upon sinking sand). Let’s IMAGINE a great deflation to understand why this coming event is so devastating to our economy, financial system, and the Keynesian model of Debt/Inflation. So what is DEFLATION? What happens when this event develops and all our so-called VALUE disappears into our consciousness (our metaphysical mind)? Let’s try understand the concept of Value and also the concept of Deflation!

Deflation can be defined as a precipitous decline in ‘value’ of an asset or an item of collateral. Imagine your own house, car, boat, second home, share of stock, bond certificate, derivative contract, etc. (declining precipitously in value).  All these so-called assets have a perceived VALUE (say a ‘price’ expressed in dollars). This so-called ‘value’ can go DOWN as well as ‘up’. My house is currently (let’s say) valued at $300,000. Can this ‘value’ change? Can this ‘value’ decline to zero? My answer is absolutely! Any ‘value’ can go UP, UP, UP with the action of price bidding…and it (value) can also go DOWN, DOWN, DOWN with a lack of demand and/or a crash of our imaginary cyber markets! The entire concept of ‘value’ is imaginary! Did you know this? Are you aware that ‘value’ is within my/your consciousness?

When our stock/bond/derivative markets begin their decent into ‘value destruction’ (it’s coming) we will witness the VALUE or price of my home/your home begin its decline. Land values will decline. Car prices will decline. A share of my/your stock will decline. All the $1.5 quadrillon of derivative contracts will begin their descent to zero. Imagine that all physical items in your immediate area/neighborhood decline to zero. What has really happened to the VALUE of my/your assets? My $300,000 house now would have a ‘value’ (price in dollars) of ZERO. My car would have a ‘value’ (price in dollars) of ZERO, etc. A great deflation (when it arrives) will crash the cyber dollar (now almost totally within cyberspace/our computers) and all prices (in dollars) could continue to their eventually end game of ZERO. Are you aware of this potential event? Think about deflation and value destruction!

Today, we express all so-called VALUES in our cyber currency called the dollar. Our ‘dollar’ is technically a NO THING (imaginary) unit. This unit derives from our Consciousness (our metaphysical mind). This unit is artificial and merely a declared unit of legal tender which works ONLY if we have continual long-term INFLATION. The increase in ‘values’ is what allows our Keynesian model of economics to survive. All astute financial pundits understand this phenomena. Values (also called dollar prices) allow us to imagine that our monetary system has stability and credibility. In reality, our economic system has stability and credibility ONLY as long as INFLATION continues. A serious DEFLATION creates the reality of disappearing ‘values’ and ‘dollar prices’. All our so-called wealth is based on the assumption that ‘values’ will remain stable and/or continue ascending. Keynesianism is our economic model…and this model is based on continual/persistent increases in prices over time. The last Great Deflation was in 1929-37!

A CRASH of the stock/bond/derivative markets, however, creates a whole new scenario for our economy! Values (dollar prices) could go to ZERO. Our cyber dollar could go to ZERO. All global currencies could go to ZERO. We live in a ‘imaginary’ world of our consciousness and few people understand this reality! Yes, all prices can and eventually will go to ZERO. Both the concept of VALUE and our DOLLAR are imaginary conceptions/perceptions. Today, we could be back to a BARTER economy in a few short years. Physical items (like silver coins/gold coins/copper coins, etc.) will not disappear or vanish into our consciousness. They could still be used as units for BARTER. Food could be used as units for BARTER. Our cyber dollar and all the other cyber currencies (now including all global currencies) would disappear and vanish into our metaphysical consciousness. THINK! We live in a ‘imaginary world’ of cyber money which is collapsing as I write. Get ready for DEFLATION and VALUE DESTRUCTION globally! The beginning of this event could be 2014! I am:

Human Life – Secondary to Military Targets!

July 28, 2014

Throughout human history governments (and their leaders) have viewed innocent human life as secondary to their military targets (usually physical structures) and their perceived goals of ‘security’. What kind of morality creates this mindset (which is prevalent within ‘all’ governments and ‘all’ political leaders to some extent)? Have you listened to the leaders who are now surgically bombing physical structures within the prison environment that we call GAZA? The main leader of Israel is a politician by the name of Benjamin Netanyahu. This leader seems to  hate Hamas and anyone associated with the society around the leaders of Hamas. Yet it was the Palestinian people who freely elected Hamas as their leaders! Was this ‘democracy’ in action as America has desired for every Nation? What is ‘democracy’ in reality? Where does it lead?

Benjamin Netanyahu’s rhetoric reveals that he places little moral meaning on all the civilians which he and his administration are killing via their surgical bombing and tunnel explosions. All this killing of civilians is SECONDARY (it seems) to the desire to eliminate the entity called HAMAS…and their future desire for freedom for their people. Will this type of ‘mindset’ of Netanyahu (and his advisors) create peace, tranquility, security, prosperity for Israel and the entire area which we call the Middle East? Will killing innocent civilians (by the thousands) produce security, peace, and happiness for Israel? I don’t think so! What is now emerging is another Great ‘War’ which eventually will encompass all the great powers on this planet! World War III has started and we can now witness the results daily! Get yourself ready for more killing, war, carnage, fear, and insanity!

Israel is a Nation which was mostly created by Great Britain and the United States of America in 1948…and after the prior Great War called World War II. All this was done to appease the politicians’ feelings of guilt and moral outrage…which Hitler and his gang perpetrated upon innocent civilians (and some 6 million Jews) during his reign from 1939 – 1945 (and including many Christians and other perceived outcasts of Hitler’s philosophy). The German mentality was meant to create a FINAL SOLUTION to the perceived human situation over in Europe (and especially for the Nation of Germany). Hitler and his advisors thought they could eliminate the core problems within their society by eliminating their most hated enemy (called the Jews). What were his results?

This mindset (of Hitler) was later perceived as Satanic and enemies of Hitler eventually brought his regime down (with Adolph eventually killing himself to avoid any mental/moral reflection upon his behavior). The USA has since emerged as the Great Satan (from the viewpoint of many in the Middle East) as we now desire to create so-called Democracy (our type of mob rule) for everyone on our planet! The USA emerged as the main Super Power after WW II as we created our currency (the dollar) as the main Reserve Currency for the planet (Bretton Woods). This advantage of winning WW II and acting as the Banker for the Planet allowed the USA to create its consumer prosperity, global military might, American freedom, and political hegemony over the entire planet. Today, America has reached a threshold of power, military might, and governmental control…which has allowed us to seemingly administer and govern most of the institutions created after WW II (UN, IMF, WB, WTO, NATO, etc.).

America has governed the planet mostly via the philosophy of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and the idea that the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Those who do not desire our form of democracy, values, and morality must convert or be eliminated via our military might and political hegemony. Israel is America’s primary proxy over in the Middle East and Israel’s goals and desires MOSTLY reflect those of America and those who provide America with her philosophy of domination, control, and moral rightness! Will America’s moral/political philosophy lead our World into a community of peace, security, freedom, equality, and prosperity going forward? Where is our moral/political philosophy leading us at this present moment? Life is lived within each moment of NOW. Are we (as Americans) part of the problem which has created this Might makes Right philosophy? What do you think?

How many innocent people (on this planet) have been killed by American bombs, drones, missiles, guns, and policies since WW II? What are the results of our philosophy of ‘The End Justifies the Means’ and the philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’? Are American leaders and the American people reflecting (as of today) upon our own BEHAVIOR since the end of WW II? Where has our own BEHAVIOR led us as of today? What is our financial situation as of today? What is our DEBT situation as of today? Where are our past military efforts (such as within Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Gaza) leading us? Are we creating freedom, peace, equality, happiness, and security for the 7 billion people on this planet? Are we the saviors for the planet given the results of our BEHAVIOR since the end of WW II? How much ‘confidence’ do Americans now place on the philosophy of our current leaders and their policies?

Is it now time for America to REFLECT upon her own philosophy, actions, and policies since our emergence as the primary Super Power upon this planet? Should the American people now reflect on what we have supported these past 75 years? What do you think? Where is America leading our planet and the 7 billion people residing upon this planet? Is it now time for some REFLECTION and some humility? Can our view of DEMOCRACY (for everyone) lead to global equality, individual freedom, peace, security, and prosperity? Is the philosophy of Democracy (for everyone) actually leading to Dictatorships? Keep in mind that our primary Founding Father of America (Thomas Jefferson) viewed the philosophy of DEMOCRACY as a type of MOB RULE (where 51% of the uninformed people elect their own form of dictatorship)! Human nature (within the 51% of voters) is usually rather selfish, uninformed, unaware, and desirous of more ‘goodies’ from the public treasury!

My personal sense is that America is bankrupt, the Congress is polarized, the President is unable to lead, and the American people are mostly uninformed and complacent! This means that our Nation is in serious trouble and our future (Democracy for everyone) is a ‘pipe dream’ which can not be realized nor is it realistic! Our philosophy of ‘The End Justifies the Means’ and Might makes Right’ is totally opposite to what we really need for any meaningful progress going forward! There is no hope going forward given the complacent attitude and the systemic corruption now evident within all our leaders and all our institutions. Our scientific, religious, educational, and philosophical communities are also now totally corrupted and inefficient. The END of AMERICA is emerging given our current SITUATION! What do you think? Read and think! I am:

Technically, our ‘Dollar’ does not Exist! Follow my logic!

July 25, 2014

Steve Forbes has written a new book about our ‘dollar’ and its path towards potential destruction. I have heard Steve speak many times on the issue of our ‘dollar’. His points are mostly valid and logically sound. He views ‘money’ as a tool for measurement of value. He further says that our current ‘dollar’ can not measure value as it varies too much from moment to moment. He asserts that our current ‘dollar’ has no stability for ‘measuring’ value over time. Basically, I agree with much of the thinking espoused in Steve’s new book. His view that ‘money is not WEALTH is also totally correct! His view that a ‘standard’ or ‘definition’ for our ‘dollar’ as being necessary is also correct! Read about his view here: Let’s think more deeply about the issue of ‘money’, however, and its origin as well as the concept that we call ‘currency’. Why do I maintain that our ‘dollar’ (now a unit within cyberspace) does NOT technically Exist? Follow my logic!

1. To understand money we need to start from scratch and/or the beginning. In reality, there is NO SUCH THING as ‘money’ (or our dollar) within our physical/material spacetime universe. Look all around you, right now, for evidence! Money, in reality,  is merely a WORD and this ‘word’ (name) has no referent/denotation within all of nature (our material universe). The same goes for the word ‘dollar’. Human beings create a money item within a barter marketplace and then this item gets specified so it can be used to derive ‘value’ when we exchange items for items. Focus on this point first! This is step #1.

2. What happens, in reality, is that we humans INVENT money (and our currency) to serve as a tool for commerce (valuation and exchange). If we were to start today to structure a new monetary system from scratch, we would be faced with the question of:  What should we choose as our Money and our currency! What should we INVENT to serve as our standard of Value (money) and the tool for measuring Value (our currency)? Do we want specified items such as: sea shells, bitcoins, tally sticks, tobacco, wampum, copper, silver coins, gold coins, paper notes, computer chips,  abstract numbers, etc.). Notice the diverse items which are candidates for ‘money’ and our ‘currency’! History shows that ‘money became a ‘name’ for specific items (say gold) and then a ‘currency’ emerged after the money item was chosen! This is step #2.

3. If we assume that most people desire to choose our current cyber ‘dollar’ ($1.00) as our money, let’s ask if this unit (which we observe within cyberspace and visualize within our mind) can work as a new form of money/currency. What is a ‘cyber dollar’…in reality? What is a ‘virtual unit’ for a currency…in reality? Today, our so-called ‘dollar’ (which many also call ‘money’) is merely an ‘image’ ($1.00) which we observe as we look at our computer screen. Does this ‘image’ ($1.00) which we can observe right now as we look at our investment, savings, checking, or virtual stock account really Exist? Think about the word ‘Exist’ and what this word means! This is step #3.

4. The ‘image’ which we observe within our computer screen account(s) is created by PHOTONS of light. A signal is sent from a computer keyboard to a server (transmitter) which then sends pulses of light (photons) to my computer screen. My virtual computer accounts (say my bank checking account) then receives these pixels of light and an ‘image’ (set of numbers) is created for me to observe within my computer screen. Are these ‘numbers’ really ‘things’ which Exist? Do pixels within my computer screen…created from photons (units of light) have any Mass/weight/matter/substance? Think about the reality of ‘mass’, ‘weight’, or ‘matter’! This is step #4.

5. Light (consisting of photons) actually has NO ‘resting’ mass/matter/weight/substance. These units (photons) are really nothing physical or lasting. They may ‘appear’ physical within my computer screen but what happens when my power is shut-off? What happens when the power to the Servers which transmit these photons (via signals/frequencies) are shut-off? Does my virtual (within cyberspace) money/currency remain? Do numbers in cyberspace (which we call money) really EXIST within our greater material UNIVERSE? Personally, I don’t think so! The word ‘Exist’ means that the numbers are material and continue to occupy space after all power is turned-off! Do they? Where are they when all power is off? Think on this! This is step #5.

6. What we also need to recognize is that our current ‘cyber dollar’ is actually CREATED from the non-physical/metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS of banksters! What happens is that banksters THINK up a quantity (numbers) to create and/or lend and then they TYPE keyboard numbers into a computer screen (called a virtual banking account). These numbers are then called ‘dollars’ and used as legal tender within the greater marketplace. Where is the ‘dollar’ in all this? Does this ‘dollar’ (word) from consciousness actually Exist? I don’t think so! Money from a mental decision is really a mental abstraction! Thinking up numbers (mental abstractions) and typing these numbers into a computer screen does not create a ‘thing’ which Exists! Think on this logic! This is step #6.

7. Finally, the whole purpose of money and currencies within a society composed of ‘private property’ is to act as a TOOL for the VALUATION of ‘wealth’. As Steve Forbes has stated, MONEY is not WEALTH! We humans invent money and a currency for specific purposes and functions. The key purpose for money is to serve as a substitute for the metaphysical concept which we call VALUE. Value is what we barter, exchange, and think about as we use our invented money and our currency. The concept of VALUE is derived from my/your CONSCIOUSNESS. Value is ‘invented’ by each person as they barter, trade, and exchange their item for a counterparty item. Value is subjective and without any referent within our physical/material Universe! Think about this invisible and metaphysical concept which we call VALUE. What is it and from where does it emerge? This is step #7.

In conclusion, I would suggest that our current ‘cyber dollar’ does NOT Exist (in reality)! The reality of this cyber dollar is really an ILLUSION and/or a DECEPTION (of our mind’s). All that we experience within cyberspace (our dollar, text, images, etc.) are really imaginary phenomena produced from consciousness! Turn the power off and all disappears into our metaphysical consciousness (our inner mind/movie). We are back to step#1 where ‘money’ and our ‘currency’ vanishes and where it has no EXISTENCE! When the next market crash develops, I think many will become AWARE that our stock market (as well as all our accumulated DEBT) is mostly an illusion and all our cyber money is mostly an illusion. Illusion and deception is what most people accept as reality. A serious stock market crash will bring these illusions/deceptions into a new awareness! Give this logic some reflection! Enjoy! I am:


Some clear ‘Tips’ for today’s Political Leaders!

July 23, 2014

We now live in a pluralistic world of diverse ‘ideologies’ and ‘worldviews’. What our Leaders need to recognize is that a conflict of ‘ideologies’ (like we now witness between Arabs, Jews, Palestinians, Persians, Americans, etc.) can not be resolved with military muscle or strong-arm tactics (drones, missiles, bombs, guns, swords, or fists). Ideologies are spiritual (metaphysical) and all our Military Might (guns as a metaphor) will not win (solve) an ‘ideological’ issue. Witness the ideological issue between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland (1970-1998). This ideological conflict was a battle of might and guns for many years prior to its eventual resolution via words. Words are metaphysical/spiritual and it is our ‘words’ which make up our ideology and our beliefs! A battle of ‘words’ can not be resolved with Military Might, killing, violence. Thinking (our inner ideas and beliefs) can not be eliminated via a philosophy of Might makes Right! Let’s list some ‘tips’ for our political, financial, and religious leaders to consider (so that a final Armageddon is avoided):

Why is reality SUBJECTIVE (relative)? Whose ideology is ABSOLUTE/FINAL? Can MIGHT make RIGHT? What is America and the West attempting to create for our PLANET? Think about what is now happening in REALTIME! Why support the mindset of ‘insanity’? 

1. Ideological issues (such as we witness with the Gaza/Israeli conflict) can not be settled, resolved, won via a philosophy of Might makes Right. Think about the nature of ‘ideological issues’ and why these issues of the human MIND can not be resolved via Might!

2. The only solution to issues of Worldview conflicts is a process of education and compromise. Guns will only make the issues worse and lead to a harding of the MINDS which differ. Think about the ‘nature’ of ideological issues! The issues are of the MIND!

3. Leaders also need to recognize that issues of the MIND are relative as each human being has a subjective point-of-view! There is NONE on this planet with an ABSOLUTE (final or certain) point-of-view! Every perspective on reality is subjective/relative! Who has ‘ABSOLUTE UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY ON THIS PLANET’! WHO?

4. Has anyone encountered a person who KNOWS everything! Who understands reality totally/completely! Who can interpret scripture/history absolutely! Who can discern scientific observations with certainty/finality! Who can resolve issues of philosophy/theology in a final form! I have not met one person on this planet with this type of vision, wisdom, knowledge, or understanding! If you know of someone with absolute/certain understanding about reality and philosophy please ‘name’ the person!

5. The current WAR over in the Middle East is a ‘war’ of ideologies! The Arabs, Persians, Palestinians (basically Islamic in ideology) have a different WORLDVIEW from the Israelis and the American politicians (basically Christian in ideology) who want these persons to conform to Western values and ideas! This demand to conform will NEVER work as people believe differently!

6. The current trends toward using FORCE and MILITARY MIGHT to resolve issues of the MIND (ideologies) will not lead to any final resolution (irrespective of time)! The issues will become ‘hardened’ and the end result could be TOTAL destruction of all humanity on this planet! Why can not our LEADERS discern what they are doing? The mindset of our LEADERS seem to be a type of INSANITY (of the MIND)! How can MIGHT resolve issues (ideologies) of one’s MIND?

7. We need to WATCH what our leaders DO…not what they enunciate via their WORDS! Words are meaningless if not followed by DEEDS! Lies and misinformation can not lead to progress, peace, growth, or a meaningful future!  Think about what is now happening in the Middle East, Europe, America, and around our planet (politically, financially, philosophically). Do our LEADERS discern what they are saying and doing? Is there a ‘type’ of insanity among our LEADERS (in their thinking/their consciousness)? That is my subjective message for today! I am:

World War III has started in the Middle East! Why?

July 22, 2014

The violence between the Hamas regime and the Israeli regime has reached a level where there is no solution! The fight is a no-win battle of leaders who can not live together. Israel (the little Satan) has created an environment for the Palestinians which can not be tolerated. Basically, all of Gaza is a prison under siege by the Israeli military and the Israeli political apparatus. This prison environment which the Israelis have created within Gaza and to a lesser extent in the West Bank is so inhuman (with respect to freedom for the Palestinians) that violence is the only response to this condition. Take a look at the small parcel of land which is called Gaza. The people living in this heavily populated area have minimal freedom to import/export, travel, develop, and grow as a society. The prison environment is the core issue from the point-of-view of the Palestinians. This situation is made for violence and both the ‘little Satan’ (Israel) and the Great Satan (the U.S.A) are oblivious to this situation! That is my premise and I believe that WWIII has now started over in the Middle East. Do your own thinking on this issue, but I am convinced that the core problem relates to the philosophy of Israel (the little Satan) and the USA (the Great Satan)! Think for yourself! I am:

The Gaza strip (and the people living in this small area) is not a free society! Israel dominates politically and militarily. There can be no solution without total freedom for all the people in these land areas!

The mentality within Gaza and much of the West Bank is a feeling of being in PRISON! This situation is at the CORE of the problem and Israel must initiate a non-violent response (allowing freedom for these Palestinians)!

Look at the crowded condition and the uncontrolled bombing of select homes/buildings within this heavily populated area. There is also no real escape for many living in this squalid condition under the siege of the Israeli military and the politics of the Israeli parliament!

These demonstrators in Europe are mostly Muslims who recognize the problem and the core issue for the USA and Israel! Who created the State of Israel in 1948? Where is this decision leading our world?

The politically correct media in the USA provides Americans with only a partial perspective on the core issues! When a people feel like they are imprisoned (within a corner with no exit), violence will develop!

Many Jews recognize that their own Zionist State is part of the problem! Few Americans, however, are aware of the core issues! The mindset of our current leaders will create the END GAME called Armageddon!

America and the West (along with our entire planet) is on the road to Armageddon. Financial Armageddon could come soon, than political Armageddon. Our War is metaphysical (spiritual) and our leaders are determined to create the END GAME!



ATTN: 33 consecutive months of UP, UP, UP for the DOW!

July 21, 2014

There has been no meaningful correction in the Dow Index (10% or more) for over 33 months! In the past 18 months the Dow has achieved 65 new highs! What’s happening? Is any of this even close to normal based on history? All the ‘price/earnings’ ratios are also at record levels even though many earnings reports are becoming dismal  and trends are declining for many Dow companies (i.e., Caterpiller, General Electric, Dupont). What has changed in our markets so that a core Index like the Dow can increase continually with no significant correction? A 10% correction used to be normal within a 12 month period! Could our cyber dollar and computer trading be part of the reason? What about Central Bank manipulation of the Dow? After all there are only 30 stocks in the Index and a manipulation of 8 KEY STOCKS could keep the Dow going UP indefinitely! Are the fundamentals (underlying our markets) actually sound, stable, and growing? Are the masses in America prospering and growing wealthy? What do you think?

The Dow Index (our gauge for market prosperity) has had no meaningful correction since 2009 (5 1/2 years). The past 33 months the Dow Index has achieved 65 new highs (50 in 2013 and 15 so far in 2014)! Is this a normal market? Can this trend continue for the rest of 2014 and 2015? 

While the global stock markets are all trending higher and higher the price of silver and gold has experienced just the opposite. For the past 39 months both silver and gold have been suppressed substantially from their highs in 2011. The high for gold was $1923 and the high for silver was $49.51 (both in April 2011). For the past 33 months both silver and gold have been bracketed (within a controlled range) and suppressed continually by manipulators and short sellers. The demand for the physical metals has grown and the supply has been generally decreasing globally, yet the PRICE of both metals have been suppressed in realtime trading. What is happening? Who would want to suppress the prices of silver/gold and who would desire that our cyber dollar be viewed as stable and sound? Can anyone discern who might desire these results? Why would select AUTHORITIES desire for gold and silver to be suppressed?

Since April of 2011 the price of both silver and gold have been suppressed by computer traders. Who might be behind this price suppression? Why would our Keynesian authorities desire that silver and gold be suppressed (even while demand for the physical metal is growing)? Think! Could it be that select authorities do not desire their CYBER DOLLAR (now a unit of nothing within cyberspace) to be viewed as stable and sound? Who is aware that we now live with mostly cyber money for our store of value and our price discovery mechanism? What is our cyber dollar (in reality)? Who understands the evolution of our dollar from its origin in 1792 to today? Why has it changed from a real physical thing…to a unit of consciousness (a no thing unit)? Today’s cyber dollar is created merely by ‘typing’ numbers into a computer screen. Should this be viewed as MONEY? Why or why not?

Can anyone hold a cyber dollar in their fingers? Try grap a cyber dollar within your cyber checking account? Your IRA account? Your investment account? Your savings account? Your credit/debit card?

A good exercise would be for each reader of this missive to attempt to find, located, or discover where our currency (called the American ‘dollar’) is located within our greater physical Universe. Think of trying to discover where this unit is located and where this location might be with respect to your present location. Can you FIND this unit of currency called our cyber dollar? Our currency called ‘dollar’ started out by being defined as grains of silver (minted into a physical coin). Our first silver dollar was minted into a coin in 1792. We could hold this coin in our hands and exchange it between each other as a unit of value. What is our unit of value today? Where is it? Can you actually STORE it? Do you personally own a physical coin which can be stored as a unit of value at your present location? If not, what do you actually own as your ‘dollar’ today? Think on this issue! What is our ‘dollar’ today? Enjoy! I am:



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