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I am now buying Silver (1 oz. coins)! Why?

October 21, 2014

The manipulation of our silver price has been so dramatic that I now sense that the supply of silver will diminish rapidly in the next 12 months. The wise are recognizing that our volatile stock and bond markets could crash big time within the next 12 months. I like the risk/reward potential (of buying silver) now that silver is under $18 and some $3 below the cost of production. My plan is to buy silver coins for the next 12 months and accumulate a physical ‘store of value’ for the dark days which are emerging. Our precious metals markets have been slammed down by our elite authorities (using algorithms and naked shorts) to deceive the greater market participants so that they continue to accumulate our imaginary cyber currencies (dollar, pound, euro, yen, etc.). The wise, however, are beginning to discern what is happening and eventually the masses (our global traders) will desire silver and gold in physical form (in lieu of imaginary cyber money).

My favorite one ounce silver coin is the American eagle with lady liberty on the front. The current price is less than $20. What a buy for this historical coin with .999 pure silver as its substance!

I, personally, like one ounce silver coins (the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and select coins from Cornerstone Asset Metals, and similar providers). I like JM Bullion, Dallas, Texas, as a seller,  ( as their prices are most competitive with no shipping costs. JM Bullion will also be present at the coming Silver Summit on October 23-24, 2014 (Spokane, WA.) which I will be attending. The history of money and currency demonstrates that the ‘foundation’ of our monetary system consists of the physical metals (silver/gold). Our elite authorities have abandoned these metals and they are attempting to create a world of imaginary cyber currencies for the deceived masses. This attempt will not work as each cyber currency is ‘valueless’ (and metaphysical). Metaphysical currencies can not work as viable ‘stores of value’. Who understands monetary history?

Our paper dollar is now obsolete as our cyber dollar has been adopted by our elite Authorities! This cyber unit is ‘typed’ into the computer screen. It has no ‘substance’ and no existence with our Space/time reality!

Also, a growing percentage of investors are becoming aware that our elite authorities do not understand what they are doing. The confusion and hypocrisy within our establishment institutions is ‘mind’ boggling. In today’s WSJ (Wall Street Journal) I read about one elite authority by the name of William Dudley, CEO of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This elite administrator now desires to create a Centralized Data Base so that all institutional traders can be monitored…so that those who get fired for inappropriate behavior will be followed from vocation to vocation. This is the mindset of our Centralized Fed and their Centralized control system. Our individual freedoms are being eliminated so that the Centralized elites can maintain CONTROL over the marketplace and all the participants. Is this America? Is this Capitalism? Is this representative of a Free Market Economy? Where is this type of thinking leading? Personally, I can not support this type of ‘mindset’!

This unelected elite policymaker (William C. Dudley) wants to create a Centralized Data Base of all institutional traders so that a trail of their employment can be monitored and traced! Is this a wise proposal?

Eventually, we will all need to re-think our entire economic model which is being mandated upon the global population. This model of math, algorithms, cyberspace currencies, and centralized control, creates a system where the masses become ‘slaves’ of the elite. A few elite administrators get to administer and control the seven billion citizens on our planet. Is this a healthy trend? Who desires to be a ‘slave’ of computer machines, algorithms, and centralized dictators (operating secretly behind closed doors at select venues around our planet)? Those currently in power will not relinquish their control and power without a ‘fight’ to the death. We witness the power of guns and bombs today as our elite attempt to control the planet with their philosophy of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT! Some .05 per cent of the population governs the 99.95 %. This is possible now that we have an inter-connected global system of elite governing the planet!

Accounting numbers rule over all finance today! These metaphysical ‘numbers’ have no independent existence! Do you prefer to be ruled by algorithms and numbers as compared to historical money/currency? Not I!

Who governs over our economic survival? Are you aware that an elite of just 0.05% (of the total global population) governs the entire planet? Why is this so? What happened to individual freedom and personal responsibility? Can a global CONTROL system produce a growing and prosperous economy? What is the real purpose of economics and politics? Who has read and internalized the original philosophy of America (under Founders like Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith)? Why is Capitalism now over? What is now emerging is a global Centralized system of the elite? Have you watched the G-20 gatherings? Have you noticed the growing influence of our global institutions (the IMF, WTO, WB, UN, ECB, FED, etc.)? Who are making the decisions today? Do these elite understand what they are doing and implementing? Personally, I don’t think these elite are leading us correctly!

Who should RULE over economics and the global System? Machines and the Elite or the People? Why not purchase a real physical ‘store of value’ for the coming transition period?

Until the current corrupt financial system collapses and is replaced, I will continue to purchase historical Constitutional money/currency. Silver and Gold are these historical monies. The next few years could be very difficult and volatile! My plan is to have a small accumulation of historical coins for this coming difficult period. Silver is my choice. Silver coins (one ounce variety) is my choice. The price of a coin is not the issue! The existence is the issue! Cyber currencies are ‘imaginary’ and can revert to ZERO! If our political elite desire to declare these cyber entities as no longer ‘legal tender’, than all assets (and collateral) denominated in these currencies can go to ZERO. Are you aware of this? Think about the ‘nature’ of these cyber currencies! That is my message for today! Enjoy! I am:

Algorithms bracket Silver Price! It’s quite easy/simple!

October 17, 2014

The past couple of weeks I have followed the silver price on The chart shows the realtime manipulations of the silver price from opening until closing. The ability of an algorithm to monitor and manipulate this ‘price’ is not complicated. Our Fed trading desks (also called the Plunge Protection Team) could accomplish this type of manipulation and also bracket prices of both silver and gold at predefined levels (if this is their policy). I have watched the prices of silver and gold on the live charts on my smart phone for many years. I watch as the price of silver attempts in spike up and how an algorithm slams the price down in milliseconds. The price is not allowed (it appears) to vary beyond the pre-programmed bracketed range. This type of bracketing is now possible, as a strategy/or policy, in our new cyberspace markets. Take a look at this chart from today?

Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Notice this chart of spot Silver. Price has remained bracketed within a range ($17.23 to $17.48) for a full day. How is silver traded today? What determines ‘price’ in realtime? Why is this ‘price’ capable of being monitored and controlled? Do algorithms play a significant role in setting these ‘prices’? Can an algorithm bracket the silver ‘price’? Check out: Trading can be done on ‘autopilot’!

The Silver Chart (see link above) shows the consistency in price level over an entire day. What can control ‘price’ so consistently in realtime? Who can call this a free market price? Who can call this a price created via Supply/Demand derived from real negotiation by people? What creates all our ‘prices’ today is our cyber $ (dollar) and this $ (dollar) is manipulated within our computer screen daily by algorithms and computer robots. Our preprogrammed computers (now using mostly algorithms for all trading transactions) has preempted our free market system of real people negotiating our prices. Machines and math now RULE over all markets and over ‘price discovery’. Few seem to discern the nature of our cyberspace markets, our cyber dollar, and our algorithmic foundation to all trading and price discovery. Algorithms now make up some 70% of all trading volume in most markets. We live in a machine driven world! Watch this video from TED (some 3.2 million viewers have watched):

The above platform is a first for commodity trading (silver and gold are best performers). This is done via an automated robot! All trading is now trending towards algo’s and robot’s. Why?


An algorithm is based totally upon math and numbers. Most trading today is done via algorithms at the speed of light! Have you noticed all the APPS on your smart phone? What controls these APPS?

Black Box trading is another name for Algo Trading. This type of trading breaks-up trading into small segments to hide what is actually happening. Our high-speed computers allow for all this trading manipulation. The recent Flash Crash was caused mostly by computers acting on the advice of algorithms and math embedded within the software. Human beings can now go out to lunch and let their computers trade and manipulate our cyber prices. There is no realtime oversight to what is happening today. The preprogrammed algo’s determine what parameters to follow and when to buy/sell/short/cancel. The speed of light creates the means for instantaneous price manipulations in realtime. Follow a realtime chart of silver or gold to ascertain how this works! The sophistication of new algo’s makes in possible to monitor ‘price’ changes and bracket price levels.

Algo trading is also called Black Box trading. All is done via math and preprogrammed software. Prices, today, are determined by our computers and the strategies used by our computer trading desks. Who has unlimited access to cyber dollars for trading? Who operates policies like QE in realtime?

Millisecond and microsecond are the time frame in which algo’s operate. A few microseconds can change a ‘price’ and the ‘profits’ which a trader realizes from a transaction. A deal can now be executed in a few microseconds and then cancelled if a trade does not follow the preprogrammed algorithmic diagram. Today, a high-speed computer trader can operate their trading operation from practically anywhere on our planet. Our entire internet is now a global cyberspace system (interconnected and operating 24/7). What we call ‘money’ today is not a physical item…but a metaphysical unit within cyberspace. Today, we have a Cyber Dollar, a Cyber Pound, a Cyber Euro, a Cyber Yen, etc. Most global currencies are now within CYBERSPACE. Who understands? We now live in a new world of mobile smart phones, mobile tablets, mobile phablets, laptops, and millions of daily high frequency mobile transactions. Our Cashless society has arrived and few seem to discern what has happened in recent years!

Our monetary system is now Global and mostly within Cyberspace. Cyberspace is metaphysical space. We can also called cyberspace an extension of our collective consciousness! Cyberspace is NOT like our outer Space/time universe! It has NO physical constituents or material aspects! It is mostly an INNER space which appears OUTER when we look at our computer screen!

The nature of Cyberspace is not understood by hardily anyone who I talk with. What is Cyberspace (in reality)? Do you understand that cyberspace is metaphysical? Do you discern that cyberspace is an extension of human Consciousness? Do you discern that our Cyber currencies are metaphysical creations? Where do these metaphysical creations derive from? Who types these units into our computer screens and why? Who understands the operation which we call QE? What is this operation and why is it implemented to distort and manipulate global markets? Who actually does the manipulations in realtime? Where are these manipulations done in realtime? Do Central Banks play a role in all this? Which Central Banks are mostly involved? Why? These and many more questions need to be understood! Enjoy for now! I am:

Money: Why did we ‘invent’ it? Let’s review!

October 15, 2014

Money, like ‘time’ was invented by man for a specific purpose. The word ‘money’ has some 5000 years of history. Farmers started to barter their grains/produce for cattle/food and other products (from nature) and this began the process of monetary economics. What emerged from barter was the concept of ‘value’. Since ‘value’ is a psychological concept/perception it is subjective (at the core) and without any objective substance or materiality. To solve this conundrum of ‘value’ (a necessary phenomena for trade/exchange) in a somewhat objective manner, ‘money’ was invented. Money became the ‘proxy’ for this subjective concept which we call ‘value’.

Prior to our invention of ‘money’, barter was the means of exchange and trade!

So what products emerged as ‘money’ within the barter communities? What happens is that many different items (in various locations/markets) emerged from the people (as ‘money’) as they negotiated among themselves. Indians chose an item called ‘wampum’ (a bead from the sea). Hunters chose an item from the forest or rivers like beaver skins or deer skins. Farmers chose items like tobacco, rice, and wheat. City folks preferred items like silver/copper or gold (minted into coins). All these and many additional items emerged from the people and became forms of ‘money’. Items like cowry shells, nails, tally sticks, and even cigarettes were traded and called money within select markets.

Men within our service branches chose cigarettes as a form of money! Scarce smokes could purchase many goods/services!

As our rulers and strong men got into the mix over what should be ‘money’ the best items ended up being copper, silver, and gold (minted into coins and then denominated with numbers). Numbers and names emerged and these units/words eventually became our currencies and proxies for price discovery/valuation within a marketplace. Rulers used a physical coin (defined by weight) as their representation of money. These coins (by weight) then were given a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ and this produced a coin which could be used for ‘valuation/price discovery’ of alternative goods/services within a marketplace. This evolution of money and currency created our market ‘prices’ as we negotiated exchanges in our respective marketplaces (throughout our planet).

This money exchanger operated in Afghanistan (2012)…using different National paper currencies! Exchange rates were created by the person in control of the currencies!

Prices then became representations which allowed us to compare goods with alternative goods. Prices eventually governed over trade and exchange and determined who got what and when. All this worked relatively well as long as rulers did not ‘counterfeit’ or ‘debase’ the coin/currency. Over time, however, rulers and their proxies (the lenders/banksters/finance ministers) discovered that they could counterfeit/debase the real item chosen by the people and no one would notice what had happened. People became sold on the concept of ‘faith’ in rulers as their representatives for honest money/currency. Deception and intrigue, however, emerged into our markets to confused the price discovery process and the valuation process. Human nature was revealed!

Goods and services have no inherent/fixed ‘price’! Prices are metaphysical creations determined within a marketplace! Within economics all is ‘relative’ and ‘subjective’!

This deception/debasement process tended to work to enrich the rulers and their proxies (lenders, banksters, finance ministers) so they did not need to earn their fair share of the wealth which the laborers produced from the land/resources. Gradually, the entire money/currency operation was confiscated and controlled by the rulers and their selected proxies (now mostly private banks and finance houses). Controlling the ‘money’ meant that wealth could be distributed and manipulated for the benefit and desires of the rulers/banksters/lawyers. The people who invented and started the game of money (via barter/trade/exchange) lost complete control and became serfs/slaves/servants of the monied interests and their desires to rule and control. Strong men (with guns) assured that the rulers remained in power/control…and the people maintained a subservient role/nature.

Debasement of a currency happens over time! Banksters are often responsible! Politicians are also responsible!

The original purpose of money was meaningful and necessary for trade/exchange/growth/prosperity. The original goal of economics was WEALTH creation. Wealth was what money was supposed to produce for the people and the larger society. Governments, however, took control over money and then gave control to banksters/lenders/finance ministers for their administration of the money units. This gradually evolved into the Global Casino operation which we experience today. Today, money has mostly LOST its original function/purpose/role within economics. Money today has evolved into units of imagination and virtuality. Today, our money has NO meaningful relation to the First Principles which established money for our markets.

Dozens of Nations now promote a digital/cashless economy! Most of the Eurozone is becoming cashless! Cashless finance means cyberspace currencies for all transactions!

Many today think of our cyber currencies (now located within cyberspace) as our money and currency. This is a gross deception and few comprehend what has evolved over the years. Cyber currencies are really units of light (pixels) which appear within our computer screens. These cyber currencies (dollar, pound, yen, etc.) get typed into a computer screen by banksters within their central planning facilities (called Central Banks). These cyber units then get circulated via computer to computer all around our planet. We call this globalization of economics and finance. Today, we live within an interconnected global marketplace of cyberspace (called the World Wide Web). This web is now our means and source of price discovery and valuation of goods/services. Few comprehend what has evolved and why our current system is dysfunctional and corrupt!

Todays World of finance/economics is a Global interconnected world which is computer driven! Most every currency today is a cyber currency which gets created by a Central Bank! Central planning rules over economics today! All citizens of our planet are becoming slaves of the elite who rule/control the global system!

What is MONEY? Where is MONEY? Who creates MONEY? How is MONEY created and distributed? What is our CURRENCY? How does CURRENCY and MONEY differ? What is CONSCIOUSNESS? What/where is the SOURCE of our currency units? What is VALUE? Is VALUE a ‘thing’ which exists? Is VALUE imaginary? Why do so few understand the history and role for MONEY, CURRENCY, VALUE? All these questions and more need to be understood to comprehend why our current monetary/economic system is dysfunctional and collapsing in front of our eyes. The difficult issues of money and the related concepts (algorithms, naked shorts, puts, calls, derivatives, swaps, paper gold, high frequency trading, quantitative easing, thin air, out of nothing, realtime, etc.) must be comprehended and understood if a person desires to survive in our current distorted/deceptive/corrupted environment. Who wants to learn? Enjoy! I am:

Collapse $ or ‘new’ Counterfeiting $$$ – only alternative left!

October 14, 2014

Those of us who have watched the bubbles in our stock market and our real estate markets (these past 6 years) recognize that QE (what I call official ‘counterfeiting’) was the primary CAUSE for these bubbles. Our esteemed Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, bowed to the dictates of Wall Street (2008 -14) and their casino mentality and introduced ‘official counterfeiting’ of our currency unit to create these bubbles (2208 – 2014). We might add that the Bond and Derivatives markets are also in a huge bubble as a result of Bernanke’s past QE policies. Trillions of counterfeit dollars (now Cyber dollars) were created ‘Out of Nothing’ to blow up these financial bubbles. The day of reckoning is now approaching fast. Unless Janet Yellon, our current Fed Chairwoman, chooses to create another QE (counterfeiting) program of massive proportions, these BUBBLES will pop Big-Time (most likely before year-end 2014). 2015 could reveal the fragility of the 2008-2014 Fed policies for everyone to discern!

This image could emerge Big-Time later this year! Most Americans are not awake to our fragile markets!

Will our lady Fed Chairperson desire to create another multi-trillion $$$ QE (counterfeiting) operation for our markets? The Bernanke QE program is soon to end and Janet claims that she has no hesitancy to “stimulate’ our economy if needed. Her words, however, could be hollow as starting another multi-trillion QE operation would not be viewed as sound policy by most politicians or by our consumer economy. The Bernanke policy is now viewed as fatally flawed and the results prove this perception to be correct. So my sense is that Fed Chairperson Yellon and her advisors (mostly Stanley Fischer) will NOT choose another QE (counterfeiting) operation! If I am correct with this ASSUMPTION, than we will likely witness our existing Stock Market crash and burn prior to year-end 2014! Time will tell! What will traders do and think going forward?

Yellen and Fischer are the Consciousness behind our Central Planning Fed! What are they ‘thinking’?

Traders are now using a strategy which makes a lot of sense. Most astute traders are now trading during the day in realtime and then selling all their shares (realizing their profits/losses) prior to the closing of our markets. This strategy has been employed by a small fraction of traders for many years, but now it appears that this strategy is growing. The report today (CNBC) was that many traders and hedge funds are now selling all their trades prior to the closing of our markets to preserve their wins/losses in cyber cash …until the next trading day! Trading ONLY in realtime and when the markets are open is their strategy…and this makes a lot of sense to me. If this strategy continues, this means that an Index like the DOW may have difficulty developing any momentum going forward. We will need to watch and see what happens as confidence wanes and our problems grow exponentially!

Practically all our stock exchanges and futures exchanges are now ‘electronic’! Computer trading has replaced people trading! Algorithms and High Frequency Trading are now ubiquitous…globally!

The BIG change in our markets these past 15 years has been computer/electronic trading. We now have realtime speed of light trading where computers (not real people) do most of our trading. Computers like ‘algorithms’ and pre-selected programs which have no emotions. Computers now do the bulk of our trading and practically ALL of our markets are now Electronic markets. I can ‘click’ my mouse button to buy/sell/option/put/call/short, etc. If I desire to trade phantom contracts (what many call the ‘paper’ market) I can execute ‘naked shorts’ and similar strategies to effect PRICES of commodities, stocks, ETF’s, bonds, interest rates, values and trends. Our markets have evolved into CASINO markets where betting on PRICE CHANGES is the goal for most traders. So what are PRICES today as compared to prior economic periods (prior to our cyber/electronic markets)?

A click of the computer mouse executes a trade today! The transmission of an electronic signal creates the trade! All this is accomplished at near the speed of light! What a change from the 60’s and 70’s!

Today, our ‘prices’ are metaphysical creations. Now that our pricing unit (the dollar) is a non-thing (a cyber unit within cyberspace) we experience ‘prices’ which can be manipulated via computer strategies. We have witnessed this phenomenon big-time in the gold/silver markets. These markets have evolved into TWO distinct markets. The so-called PAPER market (really a digital/cyber market) has become the primary ‘price discovery’ mechanism for the ‘spot’ price of gold and silver. The real Supply/Demand market for silver bars, coins, bullion has been subservient to this phantom PAPER market. This has created a market where ‘prices’ for silver and gold can be manipulated daily (in realtime) via trading strategies (like the ‘naked short’ strategy which is being used in our Futures markets).

Trading and manipulation of PRICE creates cyber profits! This is now done via algorithms, naked shorts, and similar trading strategies! All is done in realtime via the computer!

China, India, Russia, and much of Asia has benefited from this ‘price discovery’ charade (within our cyber/electronic markets). The CME Globex electronic market is where much of this price manipulation takes place. American gold/silver investors, however, have suffered from this charade as prior investments in the gold/silver markets have tanked some 70% or more in the past three years (due to the ‘naked shorting’ strategies used by our elite Authorities to smash realtime prices). Check out this website for current realtime evidence: Currently, the price of Silver is only $17.38/ounce and the cost of production for silver is now well over $20/ounce. Why this disconnect? It’s all MANIPULATION by those in positions of power who desire that these precious metals not expose their COUNTERFEIT cyber currencies (dollar, pound, yen, etc.) which get created OUT OF CENTRAL BANK CONSCIOUSNESS…also called  out of THIN AIR…also called out of NOTHING!

Realtime trading can smash a commodity price in milliseconds! Electronic trading via Globex is one example!

Yes, folks, we have a very corrupt and dysfunctional economic/financial non-system. This non-system will SOON collapse and crash as the ‘foundation’ is built on SINKING SAND! Are you aware of this? Can you discern that our SYSTEM is totally corrupt, dysfunctional, and logically insane? How many financial pundits recognize these realities? I know a few who I respect for their integrity and logic. Personally, I follow these pundits: and I also follow opinion websites which I have listed as ‘links’ within my Blog. Now is the time to get yourself educated on our cyber markets and all the shenanigans so you can voice your own personal opinion. Enjoy! I am:

Disinflation is leading to DEFLATION! Watch the markets!

October 12, 2014

The following countries are now experiencing ‘disinflation': Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, China, Spain, Italy, Hungary, South Africa, South Korea, India, and Malaysia. Also, the 18 Nation Eurozone (as a combined entity) is viewed as seriously in disinflation. Disinflation means that the rate of inflation is declining. Deflation means that the ‘general’ overall price level is declining for all goods/services. Aggregate demand is waning during disinflation, the velocity of money is not growing, borrowing by many business entities is waning, consumer income is stagnant, and overall unemployment (U-6) is near 23%. Also, some 48 million Americans are on Food Stamps (with limited income to spend). Deflation is now emerging and I expect this trend to continue into 2015 and beyond!

This lady is fearful of a coming deflation! Why? Her name is Christine Lagarde of the IMF!

The great BEAR market of all history is emerging rapidly! Now is the time to prepare!

Inflation means that the overall money supply (available to consumers and businesses) is increasing faster than goods and services. This creates a situation where the overall ‘price’ level increases. Keynesian economics is based on continuing inflation at 2% or greater continually. Inflation is needed to service all the debt created from this economic model. When deflation occurs, debt is difficult to service and general ‘values’ tend to decline. Keynesian economics can not accept real deflation for an extended time period. Deflation exposes this economic model as a sham and a fantasy. As ‘values’ decline people become aware that ‘value’ is imaginary and that our cyber currency is an illusion and a hoax.

Gold and Silver coins could work as viable units…as demand will likely increase during ‘deflation’!

I don’t think that any type of hyper-inflation is on the horizon. Hyper-inflation means that money (currency units) must be made available to the consumer economy (some 70% of the overall economy). Consumers create demand. Today, consumer incomes are mostly stagnant and credit demand is not growing sufficiently. Real estate is now growing in supply, however, demand for the units being created is not developing. In Tucson we experience huge developments where less than 10% of the units have been sold. Demand just has not developed and now mortgage applications are also declining. All these factors suggest that disinflation will develop into DEFLATION at some point.

The Nation to watch in 2015 is China. China is now slowing rapidly and their real estate bubble is starting to collapse. The Eurozone is also in serious trouble as aggregate demand is not growing. Germany is starting to slow and what happens in Germany determines what the entire Eurozone will experience. The other factor which is emerging now is a slow down in the American economy. This slowdown is likely to continue as our Central Bank is tapering their QE dollars. QE created the stock market bubble and also a false ‘wealth’ effect in real estate. We now witness the confidence in both these markets waning rapidly. Personally, I expect both the stock and real estate markets to collapse/crash in 2015. The start is NOW!

Keynesian bubbles continued after 2008 financial crisis. These bubbles are now ready to pop!

This warning was in 2013. Today, the deflationary WAVE has become stronger!

A wise person would recognize what is now emerging and prepare for serious change in our markets. Those who grow their own food and store items which can be bartered should have a good chance of surviving the coming deflationary collapse. Also, those who own physical silver coins and gold coins should be able to exchange these coins for the cyber currencies which survive..and thus continue their lifestyle. Keep in mind that all our cyber currencies are non-physical (imaginary) units. These currencies ‘vanish’ during a period of ‘value’ destruction. What is the exchange price for your house if its ‘value’ declines below your mortgage? What is the price of a share of your stock when the stock market collapses and your 401K account declines? Deflation is a serious event! I think this is coming with a vengeance in the very near future! Prepare! I am:

America’s THREE ‘dollars': Gold $, Petro $, Cyber $!

October 10, 2014

Let’s review some recent history so we can discern where we are today economically! America started in 1789 with a Constitution which emerged from our prior thirteen States. During the time period from 1789 to 1792-93, our Congress (with the help of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson) initiated the concept of an American Dollar for our new Nation. The ‘name’, Dollar, was chosen around 1785 as our official currency unit by our than Continental Congress. Basically, our thirteen States did not desire to continue the British currency units (called the Pence, Shilling, and the Pound). America wanted their own official currency unit and Jefferson was mostly responsible for choosing the ‘name’ Dollar for our Nation. But what is a ‘name’ without some tie to physical reality (a definition)?

A ‘name’ like the word, Dollar, has no real meaning or existence in and by itself.  A ‘name’ is merely a Metaphysical unit of one’s Consciousness. We call ‘names’ imaginary until the ‘name’ is attached to some physical object or thing. It’s much like the pseudonym chosen by Ben Shalom Bernanke during the 2008 financial crisis. Ben chose a ‘name’ (Edward Quince) to hide his real identity in select emails. This ‘name’ did not exist except in the MIND of Ben. We can call this ‘name’ a Metaphysical creation ‘out of nothing’. Thomas Jefferson was well aware of what was happening during this time period (1789 – 1793). Jefferson was our First Secretary of State and he and Hamilton, our First Secretary of Treasury, established our American Dollar and its existence. The decision was made to define our American Dollar as 371.25 grains of silver and/or 24.75 grains of gold.

One of the first American Dollars (minted at the Philadelphia Mint)! The ‘name’ Dollar denoted a real ‘thing’!

As time continued, our American Dollar became mostly viewed as a GOLD dollar. The mindset of the marketplace was that our Dollar needed to be backed and convertible (at bearers discretion) into GOLD. This concept of backing our Dollar with some physical item was viewed as necessary to prevent official counterfeiting of our currency by unscrupulous bankers and also to provide confidence that private consumers could store their value over time in some ‘thing’ which had substance and meaning. When our Dollar is backed by gold (and convertible) then holders of the paper units (used for marketplace valuations) had confidence in the unit. Without backing or convertibility, most foreign trade could not happen as foreigners would reject a currency which could be created ‘out of nothing’ (mere paper creations and/or text within a set of books).

Money was invented to serve as a Standard of Value and a Store of Value! Today this purpose is ignored by our monetary authorities! International trade is getting more difficult as a result of these missing factors!

Our GOLD dollar continued until 1934 when FDR decided to store all our gold within Fort Knox and merely issue paper notes as our currency. Many viewed this as the beginning of the end of a convertible currency unit. Americans, however, did not sense any real problem as the paper currency note mostly held its value from year to year (given that we had some 740 million ounces of gold stored at Fort Knox backing our dollar by 1944). The big change occurred in 1971. This was the year when our President Nixon became aware that our gold (in Fort Knox) was diminishing rapidly. The 740 million ounces accumulated and stored in Fort Knox had declined to some 272 million ounces. This was shocking to Nixon and he decided that he MUST close our gold window (to foreigners) to prevent a complete elimination of all our gold at Fort Knox.

The closing of the Gold Window occurred on August 15, 1971. After this historic event (called the Nixon Shock), American politicians decided that they needed some gimmick that would give our new dollar (now unbacked and based on nothing of value) some credibility. Henry Kissinger solved our problem by negotiating a new deal with the biggest producer of OIL. This new deal with Saudi Arabia created a situation where our Dollar would be the ONLY pricing unit for Saudi OIL. The new OPEC oil cartel would now force all foreigners (desiring OPEC oil) to convert their National currencies into American fiat dollars prior to purchasing OIL. What emerged in 1973 and after was the American PETRO dollar. To buy OIL (from OPEC) one must have American Dollars!

Nixon closed the GOLD window and this eliminated the Gold $ (for foreigners). Kissinger negotiated the Petro $ to replace our Gold $ for international trade of oil. The scheme worked and allowed America to Borrow and Spend with no real immediate consequences! 

This negotiation with Saudi Arabia and the OPEC Cartel allowed America to continue its spend and borrow scheme and it forced most foreigners to own Dollars (within their Reserves) so that they could purchase OIL. What a great scheme for maintaining confidence in our Dollar and our spend and borrow mentality. During this time period America gradually borrowed much more than it normally should because most global Nations were forced into this PETRO dollar regime to survive. America, however, could borrow and spend with no worry about pay back. This new scheme has continued until today with a few new twists. Today, many foreign countries are becoming AWARE that America has created a totally UNFAIR monetary scheme for themselves and left foreigners with a subservient role on the global stage. Many now want to change this advantage and force America to live within its own MEANS.

American debt could grow exponentially as long as America could borrow and spend (with no immediate consequences)!

The new scheme which is now emerging is a recognition that the PETRO $ is outmoded and unworkable going forward. Saudi Arabia wants to sell its oil in alternative currencies (not exclusively in dollars). Russia wants to sell and buy energy in their ruble and this trend is now expanding to China, Brazil, India, Iran, and other foreign Nations. Other Nations are recognizing that America has a huge advantage when they can borrow and spend with no immediate trade consequences. America’s trade deficit has been negative continually since this PETRO $ was arranged. America’s National Debt has also grown exponentially as a result of its advantages from having the Reserve Currency status for the World. Borrow and spend has been the American mentality since the end of WW II.

Russia and China now want to trade bi-laterally using their own currencies and products! They desire not to use the American Petro $ going forward!

Today, our Central Banks (due to recent computer technology) have created a new dollar which is ‘imaginary’. This new dollar is called the CYBER $. Today, our Central Bank, called the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, and its proxies who use the Fractional Reserve credit system, can create unlimited dollars ‘OUT OF NOTHING’. Since our CYBER dollar is ‘typed’ into cyberspace, there is no substance or value to this imaginary unit. You may have heard of the concept called QE…a euphemism for official counterfeiting of our dollar. QE was promoted by our recent Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. Many call this operation ‘printing’ of new money’. In reality, however, QE is really the creation of CYBER money via the keys of a computer. Numbers are typed into a cyberspace financial account and these units are called ‘dollars’. In reality, this is official counterfeiting but our elite administrators at the Fed created the word ‘quantitative easing’ or QE to represent this operation.

The CYBER $ has replaced the paper $, the gold $, and the petro $. We now live with imaginary money! Cyber money has no physical substance! Cyber money can not be held in one’s hand! Cyber money is located in cyberspace! Cyber money is created from the consciousness of Central Bankers!

In summary, we can say that America has experienced THREE dollars (with different meanings) since its founding. The first can be called the GOLD $. The second can be called the PETRO $. And the third can be called the CYBER $. All global currencies are now becoming cyber currencies. Mobile devices (using cyberspace) are now replacing gold, paper notes, and paper checking accounts. A Cashless society has arrived and many countries now demand that consumers and investors use their CYBER currency in lieu of paper or metals. Imaginary money has arrived and this places our Central Banks as the ‘rulers’ over all economies on our planet. Central planning has replaced market pricing and private negotiation. Capitalism as we knew it historically has vanished from our marketplace (Nationally and Internationally). We live in a new World…within CYBERSPACE! Who understands? Not many!

A New World Order called Global Governance is now emerging rapidly! Capitalism is essentially over!

The above is a brief overview for you to digest. Now is the time to get yourself educated on our monetary history and our new world of imaginary currencies. What is cyberspace? How do Central Bankers create our cyber money? What is QE? Why are many Central Bankers resorting to official counterfeiting of their currency? What happened to physical money? Why is silver and gold no longer circulating within our global markets as money? What is our Internet? Why is all trade now a Global enterprise? What is Globalization? What is the New World Order? Why are computer machines controlling and governing our monetary transactions? What is High Frequency Trading? What is Electronic Trading? All these questions and more need to be understood and internalized. Start getting yourself educated by reading and listening to many viewpoints. Enjoy! I am:

Ben Shalom Bernanke = Quince, Edward (Mr. QE)!

October 10, 2014

Our esteemed Fed Chairman, who served America from 2006 to 2013, adopted the pseudonym Edward Quince to cover-up his identity (it appears) during the 2008 financial crisis and after (within select emails). If we place the last name first we get the name: Quince, Edward (QE). Ben Bernanke was Mr. QE. Following is what the Wall Street Journal reported today:

Our Hero in 2008 is now revealed as using a metaphysical secret ‘identity’ (a pseudonym with no objective existence in space/time reality). This is according to today’s Wall Street Journal (Oct. 10, 2014)!

Edward Quince was arguably the most powerful person in the world in the fall of 2008, with the fate of financial markets resting on his high-stakes decisions. It turns out he didn’t actually exist. Edward Quince was the pseudonym then–Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke used on emails when he was conferring with colleagues during the financial crisis. The false name was revealed as evidence as part of a class-action lawsuit against the government by shareholders of American International Group Inc. AIG, -0.48%  , which received a giant Fed-backed bailout as it teetered toward collapse. A Fed spokeswoman, who confirmed Bernanke’s use of the pseudonym, wouldn’t say why he was using an alias. She said the name didn’t have any particular significance. A Justice Department lawyer, Kenneth Dintzer, introduced emails to and from Quince as evidence in the case on Wednesday, blowing the cover on the world’s perhaps first undercover, super-secret central banker.

What does this new revelation reveal about our esteemed monetary leader and QE originator? First of all, why would Ben Shalom Bernanke desire to use a false name while negotiating the bail-out deals with AIG and others? What was his mindset during this time period? Why the name QE (Quince, Edward). Where did this ‘name’ derive from? ONLY Ben Shalom Bernanke knows the answer! Thoughts are ‘private’ until revealed by the person holding the ‘thoughts’. Will he eventually reveal his inner metaphysical thoughts? Did he think that he could ‘cover-up’ his dealings and bail-outs via the use of a ‘false’ name? Who knows the thinking of the most powerful Monetary Authority since Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild),  a German banker and the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, which is believed to have become the wealthiest family in human history. 

Additional commentary  (from the WSJ) which was revealed yesterday at the trial of shareholders over the AIG affair included the following:

A Fed spokeswoman, who confirmed Mr. Bernanke’s use of the pseudonym, said the name didn’t have any particular significance. The trial has blown the cover on the world’s perhaps first undercover, super-secret central banker. Last week, Fed general counsel Scott Alvarez testified that Mr. Bernanke had used the email pseudonym while at the central bank “to make sure that he didn’t get extraneous emails.”  A search of other records shows at least one public reference to Mr. Quince before now. In a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in January 2010, Rep. Spencer Bachus (R., Ala.) read a piece of an email dated March 2009, citing Mr. Geithner (by then the U.S. Treasury Secretary) and William Dudley of the New York Fed: “Secretary Geithner e-mailed William Dudley and Edward Quince, and he said, ‘Where are you on the AIG counterparty disclosure issue?’ You know, are you for disclosing or not?”

The email apparently went on a screen at the hearing, a transcript of the event suggests, but there was no other mention of Mr. Quince after that. Edward Quince doesn’t exactly seem like the type of name you pull out of a hat, but it’s hard to tell what the significance might have been. There is at least one Edward Quince with a Facebook account, though, based on the profile picture of two adolescents on scooters, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Mr. Bernanke. There also appears to have been an Edward Quince who lived during the 19th centuryand moved from England to Australia as a “bounty immigrant” with his wife.

Mr. Bernanke’s alias conjures memories of Montagu Norman, the eccentric late Bank of England governor who in the 1920s and 1930s traveled under the name of “Professor Skinner.”

Yes, our ‘independent’ Fed is a unique and confusing operation. Ben Shalom Bernanke most likely did not think that any of his inner metaphysical thoughts would get revealed to the American public. But we now live in a world of the internet where secret data is getting much more difficult to cover-up. Where does this leave the Fed and its ‘independent’ agents going forward? Will Americans desire to ignore these types of shenanigans by a prior Authority over our cyber financial markets? Was Thomas Jefferson, our most knowledgeable Founding Father on issues of money and power, right about power and corruption at the highest levels? Read:

Much has been written about the famous debate between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton over the constitutionality of America’s first central bank, the Bank of the United States (BUS). This was where Jefferson, as secretary of state, enunciated his “strict constructionist” view of the Constitution, making his case to President George Washington that since a central bank was not one of the powers specifically delegated by the states to the central government, and since the idea was explicitly rejected by the constitutional convention, a central bank is unconstitutional.

Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton notoriously responded by inventing the notion of “implied” as opposed to enumerated powers of the Constitution.

George Washington signed legislation creating the BUS not because of the strength of Hamilton’s argument but because of a shady political deal. The nation’s capital was being relocated from New York to Virginia, and Washington wanted the border of the new District of Columbia to abut his property at Mount Vernon. In return for a redrawing of the district’s border, Washington signed the Federalist’s legislation creating the BUS.

America’s first central bank was borne of a corrupt political deal, but that particular act of political corruption pales in comparison to what Hamilton and the Federalists really had in mind. As Murray Rothbard wrote in The Mystery of Banking (p. 192), Hamilton and his political compatriots, especially defense contractor/Philadelphia congressman Robert Morris, wanted

to reimpose in the new United States a system of mercantilism and big government similar to that in Great Britain, against which the colonists had rebelled. The object was to have a strong central government, particularly a strong president or king as chief executive, built up by high taxes and heavy public debt.

Isn’t it now time to AUDIT this so-called ‘independent’ Fed and get to the bottom of all this 100 year financial corruption? What do you think? You know my view! The history of our Fed has been concealed to the American people for a reason! Let’s send emails to everyone in America so that these issues get OUT TO THE PUBLIC! Our Future may depend on what happens going forward! Enjoy! I am:


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