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My Strategy for Challenging Silver/Gold Price Manipulation!

September 19, 2014

Today, we witness the price of silver and gold being manipulated downward to historic lows. Silver is currently at $17.86/ounce. This price was slammed down by computer trading strategies (most likely by our Central Bank and their trading room at the New York Federal Reserve Bank). What is happening today is the trading of mostly ‘phantom’ digital shares (also called ‘naked shorts’) to manipulate the price of silver/gold downward. Common sense and historical trading demonstrates that prices should reflect real supply/demand for the physical metals. This is not occurring today and this is mostly a result of our cyber dollar (as our currency) and illegal trading strategies (such as the use of ‘naked shorts’ to effect price suppression). This needs to change and one strategy that would help is for mining companies to hold all future supply of silver/gold bars from the marketplace.

It is now time to counter the price manipulation of our elite authorities! Attention mining companies!

Another alternative which would also help with this obvious price manipulation by our elite authorities is for a buyer group to purchase huge supplies of these metals and hold these supplies from the market until a real supply/demand market is restored. Manipulation of prices is not Capitalism. Prices should be the measure of what is happening within the real marketplace of goods being made available to buyers/sellers/traders. This realtime marketplace has been replaced by computer traders operating behind closed doors (most likely at the highest levels). The likely motivation of these elite authorities is to suppress real market demand for a precious metal(s) that act as alternative money during times of great change. Today, our markets are not reflecting real supply and demand.

The green downward slam is caused by trading ‘naked shorts’! This should be illegal and mining companies need to be aware that price suppression is caused by computer trading strategies! Today, the price of silver was slammed down to $17.86/ounce. This should be viewed as illegal as physical metals are not being exchanged within a real physical marketplace! Traders are merely trading phantom shares to suppress prices!

After watching the silver/gold markets for ten years, I now realize that our elite authorities are consciously desiring that these metals (their prices) be driven downward to create the impression that the cyber currencies are real and viable. Our elite administrators desire to promote a global cyber market where historical precious metals (silver/gold) are removed from circulation as a form of money. This has become obvious to most astute observers now recognize. If we desire to counter this vicious manipulation of precious metals prices, we need to eliminate the digital (paper) trading and restore the marketplace to real trading of the physical metals. This could be accomplished if mining companies withhold their production from the market (for a time period) and if wealthy investors purchase huge supplies of the physical metal and store these metals until real market trading is allowed by our authorities.

Wake up! Let’s start a counter strategy which changes prices from the digital (paper) market to real exchanges of the physical silver and gold supplies. Manipulation is real and obvious for those who discern the forces of supply/demand!

Give this strategy some serious thought going forward. I am:

America’s ‘MIGHT’ vs. Isil’s ‘ALLAH’! A new Challenge!

September 19, 2014

World War III is now starting in the Middle East (are you aware of this)? Yesterday, our Congress approved new funds $$$ (and a general philosophy) for bringing America’s Wrath to that of Isil’s Allah. America (represented by Obama/Kerry/Dempsey/Hagel) have now initiated a new WAR strategy against what they perceive as an existential threat to America and her interests (globally and nationally). The hearings on this issue have been permeating the halls of Congress and most of our representatives have bought into the challenge from ISIL. ISIL is a recent ideological creation which follows a philosophy/theology based upon the Holy Quran and the historical ‘words’ of their prophet, Muhammad (as interpreted by Isil’s leader). Prophet Muhammad received his ‘words’ (ideas) from a metaphysical Source called ALLAH (back in 612 A.D.). Are you aware of what is now transpiring over in the Middle East? Do Americans understand any of this? I don’t think so! Let’s review the core metaphysical issues (underlying this new conflict)!

Can Death overcome Death? America’s strategy vs. Isil’s strategy has now started WW III. Do these metaphysical philosophies create a secure, peaceful, prosperous World going forward? ISIL believes that DEATH produces eternal LIFE! Can America overcome this philosophy? What do you think?

Combating ISIL (this group’s tactics and ideology) is now America’s goal and Mr. Hagel (America’s Secretary of Defense) has outlined an open (all options on the table) strategy for accomplishing America’s new goal. Why is America (mostly the Obama team of thinkers) desiring to combat ISIL? The answer from Chuck (at yesterday’s House hearing) was basically…the recent ‘BEHEADING’ of two Americans (this was essentially the core reason given) plus our desire that this barbaric behavior stop. By degrading and destroying ISIL…Chuck assumes that America’s security will be protected and all of America’s interests will be made more secure and dominant. This is what I discerned from listening to Chuck Hagel during this hearing (I watched via TV). Chuck and our American military (he claims) have an open-ended philosophy (complete flexibility) for accomplishing this realtime goal. Let’s expand on the tactics and the strategy which Chuck envisions for accomplishing this existential goal.

Chuck Hagel, Barrack Obama, Martin Dempsey have a NEW War Strategy for defeating ISIL and creating a New Syria and a New Inclusive Iraq. Will any of this be achieved within our realtime reality?

First of all, Chuck assumes that this effort by the American military will likely take a few/many years to fully accomplish (precision air strikes will commence immediately). The plan is to defeat ISIL (and their ideology) and to kill all their leaders ASAP. The key tactics will involve Predator/Reaper drones, various types of missiles, select bombs, and select precision air strikes (which America is most competent at) plus using American advisors, Iraqi ground troops, foreign advisors, Kurdish military, and foreign air support to assist with the tactics and strategy. America will provide some 1600 select special advisers (boots on the ground within Iraq) along with an existing American/Iraqi Command and Control center to seek targets which will degrade and destroy ISIL troops, equipment, personnel, and military leaders. The plan does not need further Congressional authorization (according to Chuck) as Obama’s legal counsel has concluded that this mission already has approval (from a 2001 authorization).

President Obama claims he has existing Authority to create War on ISIL (our Congress is divided on this issue)!

A further strategy is to create a Syrian loyalty force (called moderates) which will be recruited, vetted, and grouped into specific military cells for concentrated training so that these forces can enter Syria and defeat ISIL forces, acquire territory, and gradually become a new political structure which could defeat Assad and his regime (after the defeat of ISIL). This 5000 member military group of ‘moderates’ will then grow and expand over the years and gradually become a new Syrian political regime in time (with democratic values and ideals, hopefully). Chuck made it clear that this strategy is merely a plan which has not taken any firm shape as of yet. Congress, however, is now approving some $500 million for the training of this 5000 member Syrian ‘army’. Covert operations may also be necessary to ‘take out’ the Assad aircraft advantage. What else is being planned (overtly and covertly) under the label of Obama’s Counterterrorism Strategy? Let’s continue!

These are Syrian ‘moderates’ whom America will train and indoctrinate to fight ISIL!

Mr. Hagel used the word WAR when he outlined his strategy for combating ISIL. He mentioned that some 31,000 troops are currently under the command of ISIL in Iraq and the Syrian theatre. This number may decline (or grow) depending upon the success of this multi-year American/Iraqi/Syrian ‘moderate’ mission. As of today, ISIL has some 20,000 personnel within Syria and some 11,000 within Iraq. ISIL has substantial American military equipment (guns, tanks, helicopters, Humvees, etc.) which was mostly confiscated from prior Iraqi forces (who abandoned this military hardware when they ran for cover). ISIL has its Command and Control center within the borders of eastern Syria and this situation provides ISIL some protection (safe haven) until Americas precision air strikes commence within Syria. A special effort will be made to directly ‘take out’ the key political/military leaders of ISIL via America’s predator/Reaper drone tactics (now a remotely controlled computerized killing machine which requires no ‘boots on the ground’). What else seems to be happening?

Isil’s safe haven is in Eastern Syria. Their new Islamic State covers both Syrian and Iraqi territory! Some 31,000 military personnel make up the ISIL killing machine!

After listening to the Q & A session at the House Armed Services Committee hearing in Washington (yesterday), I could discern that many members of our Congress were confused about all these tactics/strategies (described by Chuck) and how these tactics/strategies would play out in realtime battles. Could our military personnel vet and simultaneously create a real fighting force of Syrians to enter the battle and then defeat ISIL (within Syria). Would these so-called ‘moderates’ actually create a new political/military structure that could defeat and then implement a NEW Syria going forward? Would America really be able to ‘vet’ a group of 5000 idealistic Syrians who would have these supposed loyalties to America’s goal and on-going plan? Where would all the ‘money’ come from for this multi-year military effort when America is mostly bankrupt and when budgets are stretched to the max? Is this Obama WAR strategy (which Hagel/Kerry/Dempsey, et al envisions) actually going to accomplish an END game which would improve America’s security, peace, and sense of justice going forward?

America is mostly bankrupt yet new military strategies continue unabated. Does this make any sense? Will our children be capable of repaying any of this debt incurred by today’s America?

Our Congress seemed confused on many issues of the New War Strategy, yet it appears that they will mostly confirm the new WAR on ISIL and eventually Syria! Why? Will you and I be more secure going forward? Can ‘death’ bring meaningful peace? Can American ‘might’ bring justice? Can America create human dignity via war?

What appears to have emerged from this House hearing (it seems)…is a majority of our elected representatives buying into this confused mirage of ideas and strategies presented by our Defense Secretary…even though this American Dream Team (Hagel/Dempsey/Kerry/Obama) seemed totally reconciled to the reality that ‘there is NO pure MILITARY solution’ to this ISIL problem. What a paradox of ideas within this DREAM TEAM of political/military elite. They seemed reconciled to the reality that there is NO real military solution to Isil’s ideology/religion/goals (an Islamic Caliphate)…yet they nonetheless desired to put America (all of us) into this paradoxical cauldron of metaphysical conflicts on the premise that our ‘Might makes Right’ wrath is a valid moral objective. Does any of this make ANY objective sense (morally or strategically)? Can a philosophy of DEATH (by America) produce a more secure/peaceful America going forward? ISIL has their philosophy of DEATH…in the ‘name’ of their Source (Allah) and their interpretations of their Holy Writings. Can our ‘death’ overcome their ‘death’? Does any of this make ANY objective SENSE? What do you think? You know my view. I do not support any of these ideas! Think for yourself! I am:

P.S. Saudi Arabia (America’s overt ally) uses beheading on a regular basis (it’s part of Sharia law). Watch video of beheading:

No Military Solution (over ISIL) says General! Why?

September 17, 2014

General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and America’s top military officer said (yesterday) that there is NO MILITARY SOLUTION to the ISIL situation in Iraq/Syria. Nonetheless, he agrees with President Obama that America should pursue a policy of ‘destroy and degrade’ so that the motivations (and ideology) of ISIL fail and are degraded. The Wall Street Journal says that the General also opens the door to American ground troops (if necessary). Our Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, seemed to concur with this assessment and he also believes that Obama has the authority to pursue his war strategy without any further Congressional authorization. Some of the senators who participated in the hearing did not agree with this concept of pursuing WAR without full congressional authorization. Anyway, what does this all mean for Americans going forward?

The lady in the background has ‘wisdom’. Our political/military leaders seem to assume that MIGHT makes RIGHT! Currently, Americans (some 61%) support this military folly! I do not!

Basically, it now appears that another WAR has started in the Middle East and America will use its air power and advanced technology to destroy and degrade ISIL over the coming months and years. Will any of this war strategy work? Will America WIN this war of ideologies (of death overcoming Death)? Martin Dempsey claims that ISIL has an ‘ideology’ which he can not accept and that it is this ‘ideology’ which America must destroy. Does he understand what he is advocating? Is he AWARE that ‘ideas’ are metaphysical? Is he aware that ISIL has a metaphysical ‘ideology’ based upon the Holy Quran? Does he understand that the ‘ideas’ of ISIL derive from the Quran and the metaphysical WORDS within this Holy Islamic Book? Does he comprehend that ‘ideas’ (spiritual in nature) ultimately derive from a Higher Metaphysical Realm? Is he aware that the leaders of ISIL believe in a Higher Source (called Allah) as their ultimate AUTHORITY?

ISIL leaders believe in a Holy Islamic Book called the Quran. This is their CONSTITUTION!  Are you aware of this? The American military machine can not eliminate/destroy metaphysical ‘words’ and ‘ideas’! What we need to do is ‘challenge’ their metaphysical ‘ideas’! Who understands?

I would fully agree with General Dempsey that there is NO PURE MILITARY SOLUTION going forward. America is promoting a Might makes Right philosophy (in the Middle East) which is destined for total failure (in time). What the General is fighting is an ‘ideology’ (set of ideas) which he can not eliminate via the mighty killing machine called the American Military. He and his military machine can KILL all the flesh and blood bodies in this arena and yet when all is destroyed and degraded we will be back to SQUARE ONE…(the 1400 year ‘ideology’ of Islam) will remain and NEW leaders will emerge to challenge the Might makes Right philosophy of America. So far America has spent multi-trillions ($) to wage war over in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Gaza. We have been waging war for some 13 years (with thousands of American soldiers killed and multi-thousands injured). What has been the result? Are we not back to Square One?

General Dempsey stated to Senators that there is ‘NO pure military solution’ when it comes to ISIL! Yet, he advocates more military might anyway! Why? What a paradox in his thinking!

After some 13 years of fighting and killing, the ideology of Muslims (with their various sects and interpretations of the Quran) has not changed one iota. Sunni’s dislike Shia. Shia dislike Sunni’s. Kurds want independence from both. Hezbollah, Hamas, Al queda all have their separate agendas and ideologies. Assad hates America’s policies of regime change (via military MIGHT). All strong Islamic leaders basically hate the Great Satan, called America. Why do these people of the Quran hate America and Israel (the Great Satan and the little satan)? First of all they look at the mess America has created within their own country and they do not desire our American values (called Democracy) where Rulership and Law is imposed by frail imperfect human leaders. Their ‘constitution’ is the Quran and the ‘words’ which Allah revealed to their prophet, Muhammad. America, however, does not seem to ‘get’ this message! Why? America pursues their own metaphysical realities (desiring everyone to conform)! Is this reality?

This message from the Quran could ‘challenge’ the behavior of ISIL leaders! Our American elite might also think on this message of Islam! 

Agree or disagree, metaphysical ‘words’ create beliefs! Beliefs create behavior! Bombs can not destroy BELIEFS!

First of all, the entire metaphysical doctrine of reality espoused by Muslims is mostly rejected as fantasy by most American elites. Who within the American elite have read the Quran? Who discerns the meaning of the metaphysical ‘words’ within this Holy Book? Who recognizes that ‘words’ and ‘ideologies’ are metaphysical realities? Where do ‘words’ ultimately derive from? From what metaphysical SOURCE did Muhammad receive his ‘words’ (which then became the Quran)? Do any of our elite policymakers understand? I don’t think so! All the American elite seem to discern is the concept of Might makes Right and the concept that the American military will prevail via physical destruction of ‘flesh and blood’ bodies! What a shame! What a lack of discernment of the metaphysical realities which motivate these Islamic warriors (who totally believe in their Quran and their prophet’s revelation). Yes, I do not agree with their interpretations of their Quran and many of their doctrines but, nonetheless, THEY do believe these ‘words’!

Read these ‘words’ from the Quran: Sura 5:  

55. Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship).

56. As to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph.

57. O ye who believe! take not for friends and protectors those who take your religion for a mockery or sport,- whether among those who received the Scripture before you, or among those who reject Faith; but fear ye Allah, if ye have faith (indeed).

58. When ye proclaim your call to prayer they take it (but) as mockery and sport; that is because they are a people without understanding.

59. Say: “O people of the Book! Do ye disapprove of us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah, and the revelation that hath come to us and that which came before (us), and (perhaps) that most of you are rebellious and disobedient?”

60. Say: “Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah. those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil;- these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!”


We war not against ‘flesh and blood’ bodies (as our American military machine assumes) BUT we do war against HIGHER forces and sources within the realm of CONSCIOUSNESS (that which is invisible to the mind/brain of our political/military establishment). ISIL is a group of metaphysical believers (in the metaphysical ‘words’ revealed to a prophet called Muhammad). These believers read their Quran and then derive their interpretations of what is being implied (the meaning of these words). Allah is their HIGHER Source as they ‘believe’ that the ‘words’ within this Quran derive from Allah! Can you discern this reality? Allah is who these warriors ‘report’ to (ultimately)! They can not be overcome via America’s military might (drones, missiles, bombs, destruction, degrading, or similar). When all the destruction is over, we (the Great Satan) END up back at ‘square one’ (where we started after 911). Think and grow in wisdom! I am:

Jim Rickards warnings – mostly right on!

September 14, 2014

Jim Rickards has written a book called ‘The Death of Money’. He has presented his perspective in many formats (videos, podcasts, and books). I have listened to his views and find that most of his perceptions are quite similar to mine. He is currently warning about a coming stock market collapse within the next 6 months. You can read/listen to his views at this link: Jim is viewed (by most financial pundits) as one of the most knowledgeable experts on our current global currency system…and on all our monetary/financial markets. You would be wise to listen to his perspective…as the coming stock market collapse is likely within days, months, or at most a year. I have been warning of this coming crash for many years but I now sense that this crash could happen within days, weeks, or at most a few months.

Jim is mostly ‘right on’ with his perspective on the markets, trends, and the coming financial crash/collapse! Take the time to read or listen to his perspective! Go to YouTube for videos!

The issues today have to do with the ‘nature’ of our so-called ‘money’. Today, our currencies are metaphysical (within our consciousness) and this means that all monetary events are emotional and psychological. Our ‘dollar’ is a metaphysical unit. The ‘euro’ is a metaphysical unit. The ‘pound’ is a metaphysical unit. And we could list some 160 global currencies which are now metaphysical units. The word ‘metaphysical’ means that these monetary units are units of imagination/consciousness. These units are created from the consciousness of select bankers and Central Bankers. These units have NO physicality or substance to them. The best way to think about these units is to think about cardinal ‘numbers’. What are cardinal ‘numbers’? In reality, cardinal ‘numbers’ are units derived from the human MIND. The human MIND consists of a metaphysical aura called CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness does not physically EXIST (within space/time). Yet Consciousness is fundamental to all that we think and imagine! Are you aware of this?

This writer (a perceptive lady) understands the importance of the metaphysical realm of reality! Money derives from this metaphysical realm! Are you aware of this? Money is NOT a unit  within our Natural Realm!

Take a pencil and paper and write down a sequence of cardinal numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, etc.). Where did these ‘numbers’ come from? Think about the SOURCE of these imaginary ‘numbers’. Can you discern that ‘numbers’ are mental abstractions? Can you discern that our dollar, the euro, the pound, the yen, etc., are merely abstract mental ‘numbers’? Numbers can be typed into the computer screen by select policymakers within select commercial/central banks. When a ‘number’ is typed into an official currency account (say the official account of our Federal Reserve Bank), then these ‘numbers’ can be called ‘dollars’. A dollar, today, is merely an imaginary ‘number’. We think of our ‘dollar’ as this symbol ($1.00). What is a symbol (in reality)? Isn’t it an ‘imaginary’ unit of one’s consciousness? If you discern these realities, then you might discern the NATURE of our money today. I use the word ‘metaphysical’ to describe the NATURE of all our current global currencies. They are merely imaginary NUMBERS! Who understands?

Numbers help us count, record numerical bookkeeping accounts, measure quantities, and provide images of VALUE (prices). Numbers, however, are derived from our CONSCIOUSNESS (also called our MIND). Technically, numbers do not EXIST as physical units (matter/energy). We should call ‘numbers’ metaphysical units of consciousness.

Since our entire global monetary/financial system is now mostly IMAGINARY, traders and their subjective emotions can cause a global crash of these imaginary NUMBERS. When ‘confidence’ crashes, then all these imaginary NUMBERS also crash. The word ‘crash’ means that these ‘numbers’ get liquidated from the computer screen and the current 17,000 Dow can crash to 16,000, then to 15,000, then to 10,000, and finally to zero. Our administrators of these electronic markets realize this reality so they now have ‘circuit breakers’ which stop a crash at certain select levels. These ‘circuit breakers’ will prevent a FULL (total) crash to zero. Eventually, however, a crash can go to zero if total ‘confidence’ is lost. Few people understand that our entire monetary system is merely a CONFIDENCE GAME. When ‘confidence’ vanishes so do all the ‘numbers’ which we call our MONEY. The entire system is ALL within our MIND. Discover my/your MIND and you can discover the ‘nature’ of monetary reality! Who is aware? Who understands?

Gold coins/bars, however, are NOT metaphysical in ‘nature’. Gold is a ‘name’ for a physical metal mined from our earth. Money started out (was invented) as a physical item (to represent VALUE). Today, however, all monetary events are METAPHYSICAL! Gold will not disappear when the stock market crashes!

Yes, Jim Rickards, has a good understanding of our global currency markets. He does not use ‘words’ precisely as I would… to describe the ‘nature’ of our money, but his basic perspective is ‘right on’ and ‘substantially’ correct IMO. All our markets will SOON collapse, crash, disappear. Our so-called MONEY is metaphysical/spiritual/imaginary. Few, however, understand this reality. If you look at your cyberspace financial accounts (right now), you will witness the NUMBERS within your accounts. When you go to your personal bank and ask the teller where your MONEY is located, they will point to their computer screen. Banks, today, do not have a big storage vault (as in past years when our money was physical). All they have today are computers, computer screens, and imaginary digits within their computer screens for you to LOOK AT. Are you aware of this? Do you understand the ‘nature’ of today’s metaphysical currencies? Do you discern the imaginary ‘nature’ of numbers?

Today’s bank teller has no idea about the history of money. Ask for a silver dollar and you might get a response like…WHAT? Today our tellers think of money as a pixel (within the computer screen).

Take the time to go to your personal bank and ask them for a physical silver coin (called ‘dollar’). What kind of response will you receive? Do bank tellers understand that our money today is not physical? Older Americans will remember the American Silver Eagle coin (called ‘dollar’). This coin is now merely a collector’s item. Banks do not need vaults today since there is NO money to STORE (physically). Pulses of light (sent via speed of light frequencies) now emerge within a computer screen (as pixels). These pixels produce our digits which we call our MONEY. Think about the ‘nature’ of these pulses of light and the pixels which are produced within your own computer screen. What are they? Where do they come from? Who creates these pixels of light energy for you to LOOK AT? Think! What is a ‘dollar’ today? Where does it derive (come) from? How is it created so that we can witness these pixels within our computer screen accounts? Think! Enjoy this day! I am:

Tap and Pay – starts with Apple iPhone 6 soon!

September 11, 2014

Now that our payments systems are electronic and our currency is a cyber currency, Apple is promoting a new mobile payment system called Tap and Pay. A similar concept is called Scan and Pay (using a QR code) to initiate payments. Google also has their google Wallet system which also uses the NFC (near field communication) concept for their mobile payments. Apple has converted a host of retailers to adopt their new mobile payments system starting later this month. MacDonald’s, Walgreen’s, and Macy’s have agreed to set up Readers at their stores so that customers can use the NFC concept with their iPhone 6 smart phone. New stores are being signed up for this new concept daily. It’s the WAVE of our future (so it seems) !

Tap and Pay uses NFC (near field communication) technology and works seamlessly once set-up!

Apple has created a 16 digit number as a reference code for each Apple customer who desires Tap and Pay. This code then gets connected (electronically) to a customers digital banking account so that payments can be instantaneously deducted or credited to the customers financial account. A digital thumb print acknowledges the validity of the user within the Reader. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express have also bought into this new NFC mobile payments system. Our financial world is changing rapidly now that our ‘money’ is metaphysical and mere digits within cyberspace. Is this new gimmick for consumers going to expand and become ubiquitous globally? My sense is YES (for a short time period)! Our banking system desires that everyone convert to a digital/cyber system for all financial transactions going forward. The old days of metal coins and paper notes is mostly over! I may not need a wallet in 2015 and after! My smart phone will carry all the info necessary for all my financial transactions!

Apple brings us Tap and Pay and this means paper, coins, are history! Will this work for Nations, however?

Starting in 2015, most financial transactions will be electronic and within cyberspace. All these new mobile payments systems will create a CASHLESS world for consumers, traders, investors, and lenders. Is this a sound and viable system for our new global society? Sweden has mostly converted to this type of system and many other countries have followed. Countries with 80% or more consumer payments done cashless are now: Thailand, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States of America. All European countries will be over the 80% level in 2015 as the digital revolution is mandated within the EU political system. Forget any return to a precious metal system (gold standard) for the immediate future. Digital money is here and those in control of our monetary system desire that this type of payments system prevail.

NFC allows a signal to be sent from a smart phone to a reader. Signals then travel instantaneously to my bank account where my cyber funds reside. Credit transactions can also be made via this technology!

The NFC (near field communication) concept also allows all our commercial and Central Banks to create new loans and digital credits via similar technology. Money can now be created metaphysically (by bankers) using the NFC technology. Does this system promote confidence for Nations? I would suggest NO! A cashless payments system for exports and imports may not work much longer. Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa (the BRICS) are starting their own payments system which could soon be independent for our cyber dollar system. The dollar system emerged in 1944 (anchored by a gold exchange standard) and then when Nixon closed the gold window to foreigners in 1971, the Petro dollar emerged in the early 70’s as the replacement for the gold exchange standard. This Petro dollar is now starting to collapse and many Nations are developing new bi-lateral exchange/payments deals.

The Petro dollar system started in 1972-73 (replacing the gold exchange standard which collapsed in 1971)! This gimmick is now being recognized as a form of Ponzi scheme developed by America!

China is trading their currency for Iranian oil and Russia is trading their natural gas for China’s currency. Many Nations now desire to avoid the Petro dollar system and develop new payments system (mostly based upon hard tangible assets). I don’t think this Tap and Pay concept will transfer to Natiions…who now discern that this gimmick (our cyber currencies) are really subjective and imaginary. They witness all the QE creations (trillions) and recognize that our ‘money’ is the real problem going forward. The United States Dollar (now a cyber dollar) could soon collapse and become worthless in a few years (or less). What America has been doing financially is really a huge Ponzi scheme and many discerning financial pundits are discerning the scam. This mobile payments trend has a limited life span IMO. Once people discern that cyber money is imaginary (mere units of consciousness), I think a NEW SYSTEM (a global reset) will develop.

A global economic Reset has started with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)! Watch out Mr. Dollar! The Dollar Ponzi Scheme is gradually coming to an endgame!

Consumers are mostly unaware of the bigger picture when it comes to economic history and monetary history. This means that few consumers discern what is now developing behind the scenes. Understanding money and finance may seem simple to those who have not developed a full understanding of monetary history. As a teacher on these subjects I have discerned, however, that most Americans are mostly uneducated and unaware of the nuances of money, value, and the whole purpose underlying economic systems. Few understand the philosophy of Capitalism and its history. Hardly anyone understands money and value. Few discern the difference between a currency and money. It is rare to find a person who understands the concept of ‘value’. Anyway, this is a short missive on what is now developing for consumers who have bought into our mobile smart phone payment developments. Tap and Pay starts in September/October 2014. Similar concepts are creating our CASHLESS global payments system. Enjoy! I am:

Obama’s New War Strategy – totally ‘negative’!

September 10, 2014

The history of negative war strategies demonstrate that if our Nation is not directly affected (say…a land invasion or an inside the State act of war by an invader force) then a direct response (as Obama is initiating) will likely lead to a counter negative response from our enemies. What our President is now creating (via his new strategy on 9/10/2014) IMO is a strategy which will lead to more insecurity and counter negative attacks from our enemies (within our Nation). Did our War in Iraq (2003-14) lead to peace and security for Americans? Has the War in Afghanistan led to any real peace and security for Americans? Do the War’s between the Palestinians/Iran/Lebanon and Israel lead to any lasting peace or security for Israel? Why not? I would suggest that when America initiates a conflict (on mostly emotional/ideological premises) that this political behavior will NOT lead to and real inner security for the American people…going forward! Think about what we are now doing and the consequences which emerge from this ‘negative’ behavior!

The idea that attacking an enemy which has not threatened the American Homeland is not a strategy which our Founding Fathers would support IMO. What our political/military administration is doing is initiating a ‘fight’ which is emotional and ideological at its core and then using bombs, missiles, and drones to hopefully change or eliminate our enemy’s ideology. This is absurd as killing select leaders and troops is unlikely to change the ideology of IS. New leaders emerge who have hardened attitudes and this can only lead to retribution from our so-called enemies. Expect more insecurity for Americans and eventually we could witness another 9/11 event. This is shameful and few seem to discern that negative behavior will lead to more negative behavior. Let’s review what Barrack Hussein Obama has been doing recently!

Obama moves to keep kill list memos secret forever

United States President Barack Obama has no plans to show Congress the legal rulings that justify his use of drones to kill US citizens, despite urging from members of his own political party. Both members of the House and Senate have demanded as of late that the Obama administration explain more about the president’s ability to execute Americans suspected of terrorist activity without ever taking them to trial.

Members of his own party have continuously pressed President Obama to disclose more information on his targeted kill program to no avail, but even as questions intensify and answers continue to be unknown, the president is reportedly dismissing pleas largely coming from the left and is preparing to side with Republicans — political foes who are much less concerned about his drone program than last year’s terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

ISIL (ISIS, IS) has not directly attacked our Homeland (our 50 States) as yet. So why is it necessary for America to initiate a global conflict with another ideological enemy (fundamental Islam)? Is ‘emotion’ (a beheading) a valid premise for another WAR? To date, America (with Obama’s direct approval) has killed thousands of Islamic militants (including hundreds of innocent civilians/children) via direct Drone attacks and Aircraft missiles. These killings are done quietly and without any real media attention so that voting Americans are mostly unaware of what is happening in realtime. Yet, the Obama administration is killing thousands via another military strategy (death without a beheading) which nonetheless leads to complete DEATH for those selected for an attack. Whether an enemy kills via beheading or we kill via a vaporization attack from a Predator Drone…both lead to DEATH. Death is death! Right?

An American Drone (seeking one select enemy person in a public school) killed some 69 young school children in Pakistan (Oct. 30, 2006). Did the American media publicize this inhumanity from our American political/military administration? Did any Americans weep over these dead human beings? Why not?

Do Americans know about this drone killing (also in Pakistan) authorized by Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama (and his military machine) on April 5, 2013?


Isn’t there a more positive way to challenge an ideology (radical Islam) which many Americans dislike? What good does it do to create another NEGATIVE set of war games when America has not been directly invaded by some outside enemy? How can this political/military behavior lead to any real peace and/or security for Americans? Negative behavior tends to lead to a counter negative behavior…don’t you think? Isn’t this the history of war and man’s inhumanity to man? Why not create a non-violent process where the IDEOLOGY of radical Islam is challenged? What these folks desire is a Caliphate and a system which their religion advocates for Islamic believing people. Yes, Islam has many different Sects within their belief system but each Sect is part of Islam (within the context of the Quran and their prophet Muhammad). Muslims mostly believe in their God called Allah. This is their IDEOLOGY. Why don’t we work to understand their worldview and then see if we can not live in peace with these people of the Quran (and their God, Allah)? Would not this be a more ‘positive’ approach?


A positive approach (for Americans) to radical Islam is to challenge their metaphysical ideology! This is at the core of their motivations! This 1400 year ideology has many different versions, twists, and interpretations. Nonetheless, this is WHY we must challenge this belief system (not create more negative war games with the followers of this religion). The above American (originally from New Mexico) was killed in Yemen by two hellfire missiles (sent by a Predator drone by Obama and his military machine). Why? Was it emotion or reason? Could any politically incorrect American be subject to a similar drone attack?

Will the killing of this leader eliminate the Ideology of ISIS? What Americans could initiate is a challenge of this man’s Ideology (along with a challenge of our own ideology)! Why not?

The American ‘mob’ now appears to support the direct military confrontation with IS. The Wall Street Journal states that some 61% of Americans appear to desire war with IS. This is rather shocking to me. And this desire for war appears to be mostly an emotional response to the ‘beheading’ of two American Journalists over in Syria/Iraq. Yet, when we ask the people we call our enemy about American behavior, they respond that Americans are killing hundreds of innocent human beings (mostly Muslims) via all their Drone, Missile, and Bombing attacks. Do Americans observe these killings (done mostly via a remote electronic process from a control room within one of our military bases in the USA)? Are these Predator Drone strikes much different when we look at the gory details? A dead human being is the result of our hellfire drones just as a beheading is a result of a knife strike. Both seem equally barbaric (to me)! What do you think? How can more ‘death’ and counter ‘death’ lead to any real security, peace, and happiness for any thinking person? Let’s do some philosophical reflection on this issue! Think! I am:

America’s Killing Technology! Enemies Beware!

September 8, 2014

Let’s review the newest remote military technology now used by President Obama to kill those called ‘enemies’ of America. Today, America has many enemies on this planet, but we also have the means to kill practically anyone who offends our interests or values. America controls the sea lanes, the sky above…and America has some 167 military bases (plus aircraft carriers) located throughout planet Earth. There is no one on this planet with the technology to match the Super Power called America. Enemies beware! America desires DEMOCRACY (the American version) for EVERYONE! Most VOTING Americans may be unaware of these global (universal) goals and also the military strategy now used by our military to accomplish these goals. Let’s review just a few of the basic military strategies which America now uses! Who can challenge American hegemony?

USS Nimitz (or any American aircraft carrier) can launch a Predator drone (loaded with hellfire missiles) on practically any enemy target (persons, infrastructure, or hardware) on planet Earth. All this can be done from a remote computer control room which is supplied with GPS satellite technology and with visual (realtime) imagery…displayed on a computer screen to guide the missile(s) to their designated target.

America’s military can launch a Predator Drone to any location on our planet to destroy, kill, or bomb that which is viewed as an ‘enemy’ of America. All this is now done electronically and from a command room (such as that in New Mexico, U.S.A.). The drone strike must be authorized by President Obama, however.

A drone control room at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. President Obama gives the order and a Predator Drone (loaded with hellfire missiles) sets off for its strike in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc. Death or destruction ensues for the ‘enemy’ of America! There is no perceived risk for American military personnel. Is this the warfare that will accomplish Peace on Planet Earth?

Brandon Bryant (27) from Montana was distraught over killing a child via a drone strike via his remote control room in New Mexico, USA. This was the headline in the Mailonline News: ‘Did we just kill a kid?': The moment drone operator who assassinated Afghans with the push of a button on a computer in the U.S. realized he had vaporized a child… and could not go on. Bryant said he had to leave the military after 6 years of sending drone strikes per orders from his Commanders. 


 President Obama applauds those who have served in Afghanistan. We will continue to use drones as needed, says Obama! Who can challenge a Super Power like America? America is definitely exceptional!

Words become meaningless when behavior does not follow rhetoric! Why all the contradictions from our President (rhetoric vs action)! Has WW III now started over in the Middle East? What do you think?

A Drone Attack and the response after! Who are the ‘enemies’ of America today? Why do we have so many ‘enemies’? Does anyone know? Can our unchallenged Military Might create Peace and Happiness for our planet? What do you think? Do Americans realize what is being done (in their name)?

Drone strikes in Pakistan have been occurring since 2004 and picked up in pace starting in summer 2008. Apart from a November 2002 strike in Yemen, the Somalia and Yemen campaigns began in 2011. There have been reports of strikes in the Philippines, though information there is sketchy. Additionally, drones have seen service in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq as part of the Unites States’s more traditional military campaigns in those countries.

Predator drones can carry up to two Hellfire missiles. Those have warheads of about 20 pounds, which are designed to pierce tank armor; their damage outside of the vehicle targeted is limited. An alternative warhead, which manufacturer Lockheed Martin touts as featuring “high lethality and minimum collateral damage,” also is in service.

Reapers are another story. They feature a maximum payload of 3,000 pounds, or 1.5 tons. That means they can carry a combination of Hellfires and larger 500 pound bombs like the GBU-12 Paveway II and GBD-38 JDAM. Those have an “effective casualty radius” of about 200 feet. That means that about 50 percent of people within 200 feet of the blast site will die. Those odds improve — or worsen, depending on how you look at it — the closer you get, obviously. So imagine if you took a football field and shrunk it by a third. A Reaper attacks one end zone with a GBU-12. If you’re on the field, you have a 50 percent chance of dying.

Across Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, the Obama administration has launched more than 390 drone strikes in the five years since the first attack that injured Qureshi – eight times as many as were launched in the entire Bush presidency. These strikes have killed more than 2,400 people, at least 273 of them reportedly civilians.

Although drone strikes under Obama’s presidency have killed nearly six times as many people as were killed under Bush, the casualty rate – the number of people killed on average in each strike – has dropped from eight to six under Obama. The civilian casualty rate has fallen too. Strikes during the Bush years killed nearly more than three civilians in each strike on average. This has halved under Obama (1.43 civilians per strike on average). In fact reported civilian casualties in Pakistan have fallen sharply since 2010, with no confirmed reports of civilian casualties in 2013.

Can Obama defeat ISIL (ISIS) via his strategy of warfare (missiles from aircraft carriers and remotely controlled  drone strikes)? Would it not be preferrable to challenge the IDEOLOGY of ISIL (ISIS) as this is the core metaphysical issue underlying all this killing? What do you think? I am a Navy veteran of the Vietnam conflict (1962-68). I, personally, do not support our current military schemes or the Obama drone program! That’s my view. I am:


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